Sony A7Riii vs Nikon D850 Epic Shootout | Camera Comparison Review | Which Camera to buy?

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Here are my tests and thoughts about how the Nikon D850 compares to the Sony A7riii. I was not sponsored by Sony or Nikon in any way and have no affiliation with them.

My Full Nikon D850 Crash Course Tutorial:

My Full Sony A7Riii Crash Course Tutorial:

Chapter Markers:

1:01 Specifications
2:07 Lenses Used
5:41 Rack Zoom Test for Sony A7riii
6:47 Sports Servo Tests
8:12 Buffer Performance Test
14:00 Sports Conclusions
15:07 Low Light Focusing
15:59 Face Tracking For Video Focusing
16:59 Dynamic Range Tests
17:45 JPEG Noise Reduction Charts
18:41 Full Frame 4K Video Samples
19:18 Full Frame vs Crop Moire Tests
20:09 Low Light Video Candle Test
20:56 High ISO Video Charts
21:40 Rolling Shutter Tests
22:17 Thermal Signature Tests after 20 min 4K video recording
22:36 Portrait Quality Test
24:26 Answers for Portrait Test
24:35 Best Portrait Winner
25:57 Best Landscape Winner
26:21 Best Low Light Winner
27:02 Sports Conclusions & Notes
28:10 Best Video Shooter & Notes
28:58 Michael’s Personal Picks and Why

Maven Paracord Camera Straps if you are looking for something different- Here is the Wide:

Here is the Skinny Strap:

Methodologies are described in detail at:

Side Notes: D850 Can only do Peaking in 1080 Mode, but it is still there.


David Benadon says:

Michael, I have bought several of your videos over the years and have learned from each. I think your approach, knowledge, and tone are great. I thought this video was outstanding and takes some of the tribalism out of reviews. There is so much great gear and so many large emotions attached it was really nice to see a calm, realistic side-by-side.

RedEyeJedi says:

I'm looking for a camera for video and photos ahoots but primarily for video with full frame, great color quality, shoots in low light and for slow motion.$4k budget

George Delgado says:

Which one for car photography?

Prasanth V Aravindakshan says:

Your comparison reviews are the best i found on youtube .. we are eagerly awaiting the comparison review for mirrorless cameras (Sony A7III VS Nikonz6 VS Canon R) or (Sony A7RIII VS Nikonz7 VS Canon R) !!!

James Collins says:

There are too many practical advantages to the NIKON especially in Nikon Support.

Krisna Cater says:

Nikon d850 work great for me

Tibor Danilics says:

The Nikons stop at 200 frames because that's a feature to avoid shutter damagefor situations like you forget turning it off and you drop it in your backpack. Also high end Nikon and Canons can shoot JPEGs infinitely because the buffer never actually fills, only the protection will stop you.

Neil1770053 says:

Well I will never buy a Nikon and have shot with Canon for most of my life. Just made the switch to Sony because they are the challenger and both Canon & Nikon are resting on their laurels!!!

Vishwas Ravindran says:

lets talk about battery life! oh wait! D850 wins hands down!

Caleb McDowell says:

Low light photography so sony

Karan Chaudhary says:

If you hold down the shutter for THAT long.
You're a monster.

Steve F says:

Best comparison video I’ve ever seen. Nice job.

Mamiya Phan says:

The Sony would be OK at $1200 $3000? Hell no.

A says:

Which lens are you using on the D850?

gumshoesoul says:

As a professional STILL photographer. The best by far is the D850. A real camera, not an expensive toy like Sony's high specification box. I have no interest in video, so I suppose I'm a rarity.

Nat Images says:

Nikon yes,I'am happy with D810
excellent camera!!

Allen Freeman says:

Sony: 42.4 (Why leave off the .4?)

TheKuya28 says:

My image quality results – 8 Nikon, 2 Sony, 2 ties

Jackson Adjei says:

Probably one of the most honest review i have watched between the Nikon d850 and Sony a7riii. Video was really helpful.

龍之谷 says:

Please, Sony?

龍之谷 says:

sony, does not qualify as a camera maker, they make: radios. whatever they make, which they called a camera, are just toys, they feel like toys, they are just toys. That's all I'm gonna say.

SoulMindBody says:

Why not just get a camcorder for video?

Greyhound Rick says:

Fantastic video Michael! Looking forward to purchasing your tutorials! Best to you!

Hakan Şahin says:

Better color science with Sony ?! Sorry but its funny..

greeneyedguy says:

Man, you make the absolute best videos brother!!! Thank you

Momchil Yordanov says:

I like your comparisons. Very comprehensive. I would use D5 or 1DX2 for sports because of the higher fps and only needing the jpegs anyway, D850 for landscape and with battery grip – for wildlife, because the high number of MPs allows deeper cropping. And finally – A7R3 for video, portraits, street and even photography with all that goodness of EVF, eye detect, silent shooting, crazy low light and precise video AF and IBIS. Just my 2 cents 🙂

Mike Potter says:

I worry about the color fringe on the Sony numbers as I want to take astrophotography pictures and. It is hard to find reviews that include both sky shots and shots through a telescope.

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