SONY a7R IV Real World Review | GOODBYE NIKON & CANON?!

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This is the Real World Review of the Sony a7R IV. It doesn’t get any more Real World than this. I was invited on the road as a photojournalist to capture what it’s like on the campaign trail. As I say in the video, this is not a political post. If invited, I would go on the road with anyone to do my job as a photographer and capture the true story.

Does this NEW Sony a7R IV replace the a7R III? Can the Nikon Z7 or Canon EOS R hold a candle to this Mirrorless body? This Real World Review will help you answer those questions.

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Scott Dance says:

Bernie: Get me a photographer with crazier hair than me.

Aides: We’ve got just the right guy, sir!

Jason Bone says:

Damn, that was a great video! Team Fro always raising their game!

N D says:

Bernie.. What a waste of this camera

Michael Tilrico says:

#FroKnowsPhoto So I need some advice. I am a hobbyist photographer and mainly shoot buildings, landscape, and general touristy stuff, (Sometimes family too but not too often) Now I originally picked up a used Pentax K-S2, kit lens, telephoto and a fast 50, why you ask, because I did not know if I would like it and I got that whole package for 350. Well I do love photography (now 2 years later) and its time for an upgrade. So I definitely want mirrorless, but now the question is what brand and what line do I go with. My main concern is well a good camera of course, but more importantly, a line that has a good glass that once I drop 750 on a lens I can keep it for a long time and when I buy a new body it doesn't become trash. I obviously saw this video but I'm also thinking of the z50, z6, and z7. Any advice?

Edit: I know what you are going to say, well Mike that is a large range of selections with all different philosophies of use and of course, that is the inexperience talking. I guess what I don't know is how much camera do I need to take nice photos with features that will help me be a better photographer.

Stay At Home Bob says:

Great video man, Not even in the market for a new camera but watched this one all the way through anyway just because it was so interesting. Nicely done fellow Philadelphian!

Gregory Rogalsky says:

Funny how there is hardly anyone there. Glad to see Breadline Bernie is irrelevant. Decent review.

CC says:

Hello Jared!, SONY A7RIV king of mirrorless, the rest try to learn from SONY. Panasonic autofocus SUCK and NIKON and CANON SUCK at price and features. So from my point of view, if you want the whole package, you need one of these. Lenses you took are amazing, all of them. And even the price of this little monster is not as expensive as the competitors. So if you are about to spend $3500 in mirrorless system be sure this is it.

Munir Rahool says:

I love it, I do the same, doing behind the scenes and taking what other people cannot see or get hold of or ignore the moments to get what everyone else is getting. I do the videos though and no I am no pro, no videographer either.

daquiksta says:

I am not considering myself like a fan the Fro but, the Real World Reviews are definitely the best reviews available on YouTube. Always a pleasure to watch, impossible to not watch entirely. Amazing work!

Sean Walker says:

I especially like the way you explained about photographing BERNIE SANDERS in the beginning, BERNIE SANDERS never looked so young how did u achieve that? I thought your choice of BERNIE SANDERS was a very good idea you showed what a great choice he would be as an ahem subject.

Gabriel G says:

Bernie going to buy everybody a good camera ! long live socialism

BattleBrothersTrading says:

Fuck Sanders

Matthew Falcon says:

I wish you would compare camera to the S1 more often because a lot of the features you loved in this camera have been in the S1 for a while now. It'll also help those looking at options make a more informed decision.

Wong Elfski says:

I dont like Bernie Sanders. I dont like Jared Poland. I do like the A7riv. We can all drink from the chocolate riva.

Funeralive says:

This is just a Fujifilm x-h1 copy ^^

Carnel A says:

I'm sorry but I followed this channel for years and now every video of late seems to be let me tell you how great Sony is and why every other brands sucks.

Lalnunmawia Varte says:

This ass hole is always commenting only in sony i think they gave some money..others always compare only the product..

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