Sony A7iii vs Sony A7riii Real Life Comparison

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Anita Sadowska says:

Just announced a winner of my Presets on my newest video, make sure to check it out!

Roma Aliev says:

Why do you make comparison in different lightning and angles?It is wrong! Cameras should be compared side by side, same light, same pose and same location!

Eikichi Onizuka says:

Ciao Anita, sei bellissima!

Carlos FERREIRA says:

Before, I have to say you had a Lovely Great Job.!!! Coming from Nikon D850 and keeping it, but now trying Sony mirroless as 2nd travelling camera,, (A6400) I think I need to update, I love quality and specially when I have to crop, I like to do. So If I am updating due to quality I would go to 7 RIII, I think, and no 7III nonobstant price difference.

Tomas Av. says:


Laurence White says:

Anyone who says they can see a difference in the last two photos are lying, in my pinion. They are both beautiful! You are a good photographer! 🙂

İbrahim Savaş says:

harika yaw

Jack Ryder says:

Are you doing a review of a camera or women's body and her nakedness. Please have some self respect. Wouldn't watch your review. Be professional

cesare bellafronte says:

Both nice, but considering your preset, the 7R3 got more green tones, so I think 1 is A73 and 2 is A7R3

Heisenberg says:

Anitka co polecasz pod vieo A7RIII czy A7 III. Czy A7R III daje radę? To byłby wówczas aparat uniwersalny bo i zdjęcia fajne zrobi, duża rozdzielczość.

Francisco D'anconia says:

Your models posing is absolutely on point. What a fantastic shoot, thank you for sharing.

sandb says:

9:30 At 1080p (1920×1080 pixels), the A7III has been downsampled to less than one quarter of its resolution (4000 x 6000 pixels) assuming two uncropped images were used in portrait mode. Given that the linear resolution of the A7rIII (5304×7952) is only 33% more than the A7III, there is no way anyone can reliably tell the difference at 1080p. Also, any minor focus error will negate the resolution benefits of either camera.

Excellent photo shoot though. 🙂

Zeins Elzer says:

my God, the model is pretty, but.. you are hot like hell. 🙂

sandeep katkuri says:

I wanna buy a camera which one is best Sony a7iii or Nikon Z6?

謝旼珊 says:

What lens would you recommend as a 2 lens combo? 1 zoom+1 prime

Allen Schneider says:

Does the riii have a better viewfindet?

Paul Corcoran says:

And the winner is….?

Liam Stealth says:

We have a site in Denmark called DBA where you can sell everything, including cameras. In here there are a lot of Sony A7R III for sale but no A7 III, I think I choose the A7 III.

Liam Stealth says:

Too many people think too much about pixels! For most people, 24mp is enough ;O)

Malik The Martian says:

Stop repeating yourself. Write down your main points and go from there.

Jose Natalio Gonzalez says:

I couldn't compare both cameras with your samples.

Prashant Pawar says:

Would Sony hv 15 35mm f2.8?

Jovan Janceski says:

Sony The Best.!

Flexipop T says:

#2 is A7rIII. I clearly see a different in sharpness and colors in all the pics. It couldn't be only me?

f0t0b0y says:

That model is ridiculous.

An Coats says:

some nice pussy there

H.C. Schuster says:

we are the whole time looking at what?! The video images were take with? The only way is to believe what she is saying … little poor.

Loud&Clear says:

Nice comparison. I own both bodies and agree with most of your conclusions. In my experience the Riii is the better camera most of the time, and now that its priced only $500 more than the A7iii it's more compelling yet. The caveat to that mostly revolves around a professional workflow with editing. I love shooting the R3, and the difference in resolution is very apparent even on social media, but uncompressed raws are 85MB apiece. For real estate jobs (with a lot of compositing) there's no way I'm dealing with that, so the A7iii is the one I use. For portraiture though, R3 90% of the time unless it's REALLY dark, where the A7iii seems to do better, if for no other reason you can keep the shutter speed slower without losing sharpness.

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