Sony A7III vs Sigma FP // The worlds SMALLEST FULL FRAME Camera?

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Comparing the worlds smallest Full Frame camera, the Sigma FP and the Sony A7iii. This video covers a high level comparison of both cameras in terms of design, features and modes. Which one should you buy?


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Chris Brockhurst says:

Anybody thinking of picking this up?

Stephen J Reid says:

did you make a pinhole lens from your body cap?

Michael Tapel says:

Sigma makes cameras now ?

Colin Gregg says:

Thanks for the positive review Chris. I have the fp and love it. It makes you consider what you’re shooting. I’m slightly bored with cameras thinking for me, like the excellent a73 you compared it to.

GAN Aheibam says:

Giveawayyy plzzz

jonas mattsson says:

Great comparison, I had Sony A73 and now own Sigma FP. Think everything you said was accurate.

Btw Sigma FP with small Leica M mount lenses is a joy to use for street photography. With bigger lenses I use Small rigs cage / Wood grip and it works great even with Panasonic S 50mm 1.4 that wights 1kg.

Anders Burlin says:

Yeah, Leica L-mount is a no for me.. lol

AM1 says:

Great video. I still think the a7iii is the better value… or maybe thats just me justifying why I bought two of them. The Sigma FP ad is amazing, by the way.

Kyle O'Gara says:

love your videos!

Giuliano Girelli says:

very good content Chris, thanks a lot. keep going 🙂

PJ says:

"super fast" sandisk extreme pro? In what universe is 90MB/s a fast sd card?

Chryseas S. says:

You are really refining your style, Chris. Wishing you all success this year!

Luke Michael James says:

The FP almost looks like they hadn't finished putting it together. Surprised at the quality though. Looked better than I was expecting! Loving the grade on your talking head sections Chris! Do you shoot in log?

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