Sony A7III vs Panasonic GH5 – 2019 Hybrid Comparison

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Sony A7III vs Panasonic GH5 – 2019 Hybrid Comparison
Sony A7 III –
Panasonic GH5 –
Tamron 28-75mm F2.8 Di III RXD –
Panasonic 12-35mm F2.8 II –

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The Hybrid Shooter says:

Luminar 3 $/€ 10 OFF code: THS10
Also take a look at my Panasonic GH5S Review:

Nate's Film Tutorials says:

Good video! I’m looking forward to the new G90 that’s supposed to be announced soon and will be like a mini G9. If not this camera I would excited to see a mini budget GH5s. Wishful thinking but who knows!

ThePandaPhotographer says:

Great Comparison reviews my friend. Well done and I'd hope other YouTubers will learn from you wink wink

HD EDITS says:

Love my A7iii but wish it had better IBIS for handheld shots

TopGarageTV says:

I also miss your signature opening “Hello my friends”. William, your content is straightforward and helpful. You definitely put out videos that anyone can make a good decision if their looking to buy.

SMOKEYoriginalHD says:

At first I wanted to go for a dslr camera because of shooting stills. Later on I found GH5 which caught me because of video quality which might come handy sometimes but mainly I will shoot stills. The most of ppl is saying that FF camera is better because of low light quality. This is actually my first camera that I ever bought and I'm quite confused if I should keep my GH5 or switch. 😐

المحترف العربي - ARAB PRO says:

Morocco is so beautiful

Chuku says:

Hello my friend 👋🏽👋🏼

emplex films says:

spot on, coming from someone who owned both. On a7iii atm and i love it

Noealz Photo says:

very nice reviews – panasonic is really stepping it up lately

Frank Feng says:

I own both cameras because they are not competition but complemention to each other.

Cire Nitram says:

Hey guys, I'm doing a paper on MIrrorless Cameras and was wondering how many of you prefer Mirrorless or DSLR for your own photos. Also, do you think DSLR will be able to keep up with Mirrorless in the light of Canon and Nikon releasing the 1Dx III and D6? Any Comments on the subject are appreciated!

Richard101 says:

Do you need a petition for HELLO MY FRIENDS ?

Carlos Alvarado Photography says:

What happen to "Hello My Friends"?

Akshay lakhani says:

I am still confused , a73 – gh5/s

Herman van Hunnik says:

Where did you take the pictures and videos in Marocco?

Still love my G9, is it worth to "upgrade" to GH5(S) voor Log?

kangsterizer says:


Joe Marano says:

Heck a Gh4 is still an amazing camera in 2019. Shows how future proof Panasonic cameras are. If I don't get a G9 by the end of the year I will likely wait and see what their next M43 release will be.

Wilson Eusebio777 says:

The GH's killer was Samsung NX1!! Sadly Samsung is making others products, isn't making new cameras like this.

Manjunath Sharma says:

How come your video is so crisp?? I basically use same a7iii and zeiss 55 1.8. Its not great on YouTube. Can you share your video preferences??

Артем Харисов says:

Мне нравятся твои обзоры! Молодец! Всегда с удовольствием смотрю)

LucaG says:

Do you think it's worth it to purchase a GH5 in 2019? Or wait for a possible GH6 in 2020.
I am currently using a G85 and have yet to seriously invest in glass.

Also thanks to your informative videos, I successfully persuaded my friend (a canon shooter) to make the switch to Panasonic for his company. He never held a GH5 before and once I explained the amazing features, he was immediately sold.

Zak Vlogger says:

Nice comparison, good to see my homecountry Morocco as well, hope you enjoyed it 🙏😎


Fantastic video

GrumpyWiseGuy says:

What amazes me is that the GH5, at two years old, still outruns everything else on the market in video capability. And as an all around useful hybrid camera, it still has no peer. Combined with Panasonic's Leica glass, it still represents a formidable force. All the latest hoopla surrounding all the new full frame offerings hasn't changed that. As witnessed by the continuing use of GH5 by a number of youtube photographic/video channels. Panasonic would be foolish NOT to upgrade this platform to stay ahead of the game. Their SR series can't come close in value for dollar spent. Regards,

Ron Pestes says:

Great review! I have the GH5 and think it is the best video camera I have owned. I have been shooting video since 1982 so that covers a lot of cameras!

G24 says:

Okay if you are shooting at daytime buy the gh5. Also the gh5 is more for video production.
1. Has great image stabilization
2. Good for video
3. Colour accurate
4. Is touch screen
5. Records in 10bit
6. Can record in 1080p at 180fps, and 4k at 60fps

1. Not the best for night time filming
2. Auto focus is bad. However you can use manual focus.
3. Kinda bulky and heavy

If you want something that is versatile and basically good at everything like low light, auto focus etc.. buy the a7iii. Also this is more for photography but also works fine for video.
1. Great auto focus
2. Has eye AF (Only for photos)
3. Small, not to heavy, not that bulky
4. Can be charged from USB c cable!
5. Shoots 1080p at 120fps and 4k at 30fps
6. Is really good for night time filming.

1. Colours are not as accurate as the gh5
2. Image stabilization isn't that good.
3. The screen is really bad, especially if you are trying to look at it during daytime. You will probably need to buy an external monitor.
4. Not touchscreen 🙁

Personally I like the a7iii more, however it depends on your needs and what you want it for, or what you are using it for. Both are great cameras.

Mikael Sætereid says:

Got both and they fulfill all of my production needs. Fantastic tools.

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