Sony A7III vs Fuji XT3 – Fujifilm X-T3 Challenges Full Frame

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Sony A7III vs Fuji XT3 – Fujifilm Challenges Full Frame
Sony A7 III –
Fujifilm X-T3 –

Photo editing software:
Luminar 4 –
Discount code: THS10

Tamron 28-75mm F2.8 Di III RXD –
Sony FE 28mm F2 –
Fujinon XF 16-55mm F2.8 R LM WR –


LED Light:
Tripod: Zomei 699C –
Monitor: Feelworld MA6 –
Fluid Head: Manfrotto MVH502AH –

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The Hybrid Shooter says:

1 Year with Sony A7III – Long Term Review vs Z6 | X-T3 | S1 – ​
Sony A7 III vs Nikon Z6
Correction: Sony shoots 10 FPS, not 11, viewfinder in X-T3 is 3.69 million dots, not 2.69.
Sony A7 III samples were edited in Luminar 2018 Discount code: THS10

Dan The Man says:

Looking forward for the X-T4.😀

FractalBuilder says:

Fuji wide angle prime lenses are small and light. Also, they have aperture rings, but whether that's an advantage over Sony is arguable (for photo doesn't probably matter). XT3's 10 bit is fairly important for video. Also consider Fuji XH1, a bigger grip than the XT3. XH1 is a great value compared to cameras from other brands, but less features than XT3. Some things can be learned from the Sony, but for some reason the extra price isn't worth the extra features to me. With an XT3 over an A7III, I could have more to spend on a lens, a very important aspect in photography I could get a battery grip. Ideally, take all of the extra features from the A7III, put them into a Full Frame XH1, and include the features from the XT3.

Vannak Pech says:

In my country Cambodia they a the same price
Sony a7iii is a better buy

Abhi D Music says:

How to bypass recording time limit on xt 3

Jacob's Aquarium says:

AMAZING VIDEO! Thank you so much!

Alex Jenkins says:

The only thing keeping me from the Fuji is the lack of any type of stabilization, both on the camera or any of their lenses. If I could get that, it would be a no brainer for me.

Azmain Abrar says:

the xt3 being compared to the a7iii for being 600$ cheaper is a win in itself

Alberto Wong says:

Great video men, complete info, objective comparison, and well explained

Vania Oliveira says:

I have sony a73 for 8.000,00 brazilian reals

JAL says:

Nice moonwatch.

richard karamel says:

Sorry, another camera like sony good on paper, sucks in real life. My friend use xt3, he show me the b&w film simulation, then i show him my canon b&w from raw in camera converted. Canon ia more realistic. Fuji simulation just like smartphone color effect, LOL. You better get smartphone.

Bernard Rosenberg says:

I'm using Sony A7R3. I have some issues you're not talking about. All is very positive matter but… 1. Menu system is terrible, messy and difficult to use in professional condition. 2. The rolling wheel is a nightmare getting into the sound volume setting when turning. 3. Delay to give the hand back for shooting after review is very bad when need quick reaction. 4. Cleaning of the sensor is a very often duty due probably to some grease coming from the mechanism. But some qualities are real improvements as the battery life and the quality of images. But a little bit "clinic feeling" compare to Canon for instance who give more shallows and warmness that I love to see on my black and white images. For that reason I kept my lenses gear in Canon EF Mount with Sigma Art series including Sigma lens adaptor. Unfortunately autofocus is not fast and reliable with some of my Canon Lenses as for instance the L135mm 2.0.

G Soubi says:

I use Pentax 67 as film camera and I think I'm gonna take the a7III in order to experiment P67's lenses on it. To my opinion, stabilisation & full frame are a must if you want to adapt old lenses :p

lenso010 says:

I got more confused now.

Sound Enthusiast says:

i love photography.
but im getting into video.
its becoming tedious to find something that takes amazing stills, has excellent battery life, decent lens selection with good value for money, can shoot videos at 4k 24fps with the only limitation being memory card space, nice colour/dynamic range, weather protection, nice looking, decent construction/materials and not cost over $2500.

Tommy Nguyen says:

Been shooting with xt30 last week +… I want to love this camera but the grap is hard for larger hands and adding a external grip will kill the look for me. I love the feel in hand of the Sony but it doesn’t inspired me to take it everywhere I go… sticking with the Fuji xt30 and it’s annoying Q button placement..

jqasesor says:


Samson Blay says:

Looooved this video! Just Got my own Fujifilm X-T3 and this video is part of the reason. I actually did a video with my first impression of the camera, and I gotta day, I was surprised. I’ve used canon my whole photography life, but it’s always felt like the shoe didn’t quite fit right with me. The style and feeling of canon just wasn’t my cup of tea. Now the shoe finally fits and I feel more motivated than ever, with my Fuji xt3.

WittyMan Life says:

That is Bratislava right? I have been there. It's a beautiful City.

Georgio Poulos says:

Finally a video that sum up all the differences without too much blabla !! Thanks !

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