Sony A7III – Camera Review for Filmmakers

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Chris Dunson says:

so overall is this a good camera for vlogging? and what lens would be the best for that purpose? i've done much research but just can't decide on it

Sumbee says:

fantastic channel sir!


Hi, very informative video.
I just found this new video @Jw9E about the new "Osmo Pocket" that
Includes 4K/60fps. If something so small has it, Panasonic GH5 has it, why this Sony A7iii can't include
4K/60 fps in the next firmware update. That's an increasing trend nowadays in most video cameras,
already included on most smartphones.
Think about that.
Help me spread the word.

Joseph Abdullah says:

Have you taken off the door for the audio port already? 🙂

Eno says:

was this color graded?

Stefan Rustenburg says:

It's all 8-bit tho, gh5s does 10-bit. Colors and color depth is way better on Panasonic.

sciosco says:

A73 – can we shoot time lapse ?

Vagabond-Dogs TV! says:

hey craig. I'm surprised you didn't go with the the A6500. Fully capable 4k video and much smaller/lighter. Why not the A6500? Thanks. Love your vids.

Evan Lam says:

I hope you know that because of you, i bought this camera.

Douglas Donoghue says:

Thanks lots for the video. <3

Dario Barros Filmmaker says:

anyone having issues with color banding? Just saw a review talking about it

Howard Davidson says:

Good review but every review I’ve watched about this camera they go on about the battery the strap the USB charging.If you didn’t know about these things you shouldn’t de watching a review for this camera..

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