Sony A7 Review – A killer camera with a small footprint

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While not cheap, it certainly is the less expensive of other full frame cameras on the market. With a new retro looking design, 3 custom buttons and a ton of manual and setting options, the Sony A7 is designed for enthusiasts and above. But how does that full frame sensor and tons of control affect your images? Check out the video for the details.


Dan Watson says:

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Marcikutyaful says:

This glass is literally a crap. The worst kit lens ever…

My Name says:

Sir do u use sigma 16mm?

Sakil Mallick says:

Which cam you shoot now

Investment Banking says:

I dont like your vlog

Supper Fun Kids Games says:

What camera are you using in this video?

Amier Asyraf says:

Does it has super 35 mode?

HighTowerNL says:

Just bought it today as my first camera other than my GoPro and Mate 20 pro, it's charging and I hope to shoot some nice pictures tomorrow!

André Silva says:

What camera and lens did you use in this video?

Nickendra Manikandan says:

This review sucks.

Anand Pasi says:

Which camera are u using right now

News says:

No control over aperture, shutter-speed & iso in manual mode

Brummie Comedy says:

Is it worth £500 used in 2018? for video purposes only

Prithvi Raj Kanne says:


jack002tuber says:

There is no other camera taking more lenses from other manufacturers than this one. This review is far too critical of this camera! The most performance per dollar for a FF mirrorless out there.

Im not mark says:

A really good camera for photograph. A shitty camera for videography

Uanderson Brittes says:

hi, dan, with all the improvements that we have with a7 mark III, would you still recommend the A7 for someone interested in stills, (basically portraits ) ? it is now at amazon for $798!!!

Ed C says:

Your in depth reviews are always awesome!

Von Tae says:

Would this be a good camera to buy to shoot music videos if I purchase a stabilizer with it? I think I read it shoots 4K videos too.. If not this camera, what other camera would you recommend for shooting high quality HD music videos?

Sherah Stevens says:

Why are u criticizing the design.
I like the camera because of the design itself

Tiago Pereira says:

is it still a good choice in 2018? My 60d just died

Rodger Hurlburt says:

if I wanted max image quality would I still want to choose this camera over the sony a6300?

Ahmad says:

ur video camera name?

himanshu agnihotri says:

Great Review. Has anything changed as we near end of 2017 in terms of Sony Glass? If not then what’s the point of such a good camera? We. Mainly from Portrait and Landscape point of view. Pls help suggest.

Tor Inge Leidland says:

Nice video,i also use the A7 to make my videos, most of them are underwater. It work great

Sahir Champ says:

Is it good for food photography?

Gio Carino says:

Hey Dan, would this be a cost worthy upgrade from a 5d mark ii ? Kinda tired of lugging a huge camera. Just for portaits, not really caring about the video specs.

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