Sony a7 III vs Nikon Z6 vs Panasonic S1 vs Canon EOS R | Which Mirrorless Camera SHOULD You Buy?

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Sony a7 III vs Nikon Z6 vs Panasonic S1 vs Canon EOS R | Which Mirrorless Camera SHOULD You Buy? This is the ULTIMATE COMPARISON video to help you decide which one might be for you. Which FULL FRAME Mirrorless Camera should you get.

Sony a7 III Real World Review
Nikon Z6 Real World Review
Canon EOS R Hands On
Panasonic S1 Real World Review

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Jared Polin says:

I was not expecting the Panasonic S1 to do so well. The Real World Review is coming soon, it's still in editing.

PaKo' FoTograFy says:

Hi. Which on is the best one for AF in low light ?

dimitri teravanessian says:

I bought a z6 7 months and I'm loving it. But Panasonic's color science is growing on me and I now find myself on the fence of trading my Z6 in for one. I'm not sure what to do. The only thing that is holding me back is this years 12 bit raw ProRes upgrade… but I'm not sure if that will work for me since I use da vinci resolve, which doesn't support ProRest (yet?)… I dno… I bought a Z6 for mostly photography, but now I want to do mostly videography and filmmaking. That being said, why should I invest money into Nikon glass if videography is what I want to end up doing? I would be better off going Panasonic or Canon… heck, I should probably just get a bmpcc with a battery kit. Trade in the Z6 or don't trade it in? I really don't know what to do. Nikon color science is pretty darn good especially once it gets to 12 bit raw but I likely don't want to buy a lot of Nikon glass mainly to keep myself flexible based on my near-future requirements…I read a couple comments along the lines of "filmmaking kinda needs to be shot in raw these days for the data transfer speeds". What do you guys think? Jump ship or stay?

Arbol Multimedia says:

you are a genius! THANKS el mejor video comparación!

Rom Alsi says:

No Fujifilm?

Brian Mahany says:

Which would you go with if starting from scratch? Buying from the ground up. Nikon or Sony? Or wait for newer body to release?

TheMrpunisher77 says:

My first ever digital camera was a Sony bridge camera, and then upgraded to the Canon system, and have stuck to it like glue for years, but I am finding it hard to defend them now with specs like these coming out from the competition. And worse part of all is I am in the market to finally upgrade and everything is screaming Sony A7Riii or A7iii. Even after holding both in my hand. Not an easy decision to make for the next 10 years.

Rob Smith says:

It seems to me that "native ISO" is a meaningless number. There is nothing stopping any company from claiming a 1M native ISO. It's not a standard. How much noise at a given ISO is another matter all together.

Mark Mathosian says:

I like the fact that you tested all of them yourself. Makes your review that much more credible. 👍👍👍👍👍

Kyle Gallagher says:

The Fujifilm XT-3?

Alexander Suvorov says:

Z6 video AF ? Seriously? Its suck

f p says:

Hi Fro,
Canon – hands down.
It's a company that will last…. & the superb glass.
Greetz from Holland.

Jonathan Lutz says:

I would go with the Eos R because I already own Ef lenses

Saba R says:

Sony for good future

Ernesto Donatucci says:

In the first topic, sensor, the check mark must be for the EOS R to be fair becouse of the 30 mp against the other 3 with 24mp. if the cuality is almost the same the mp sets the difference.

Boris Mayer says:

Fujifilm xt3

William Kranski says:

I went with the z6 because of the larger mount and I think the video output on this thing is amazing. Though since the camera uses xqd cards, I am not sure why they don't allow raw prores video internally, or the 10bit raw internally either since it uses such fast cards, this should not be an issue. So far extremely happy with the camera!

Adam says:

10:52 dust on the censor U_U

Romelo's Life says:

I've been using canon for the past 3 years it looks like Sony has taken over, I do youtube vlogs I can't get past that screen though on the sony that is an epic fail that it doesn't flip out more. Dam

Romelo's Life says:

Thanks this was a very detailed great review 100% I'm now only making a choice between a7 111 or the canon R I do vlogs which one would you say more

Rainer Flucke says:

I normally enjoy your work but i stopped watching when you put a negative mark on Canon just for not having native ISO above 40000 – what idiot would shoot with anything above let's say ISO 12800 on any camera ? It does not make any difference whether some marketing paper lists ISO 40K or 51K or 104K – no one should ever use that range anyway.

mohammed Ahmed says:

I have the eos R, the specs for video seem like crap on paper but it’s actually better then the specs say. The color and c log is amazing.

Dru Suarez says:

Finally decided to start saving up for an A7III hopefully that tax return comes in healthy so I can get a lot of goodies with it maybe more than 1 lens to start. Phone pictures just look shit it's actually discouraging taking phone pictures for me

Sami Kallio says:

If you are heavily invested in F mount glass then Nikon. If invested in EF glass then Sony. If you want native glass then Sony. You want the best AF then Sony.

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