Sony a7 III Pre-Amp Test Revisited ***UPDATED RESULTS***

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There’s been a lot of talk about the results of the Sony a7 III in our pre-amp shootout, so we grabbed a second camera to check our findings. Find out what Alex discovered!

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Brett Love says:

I guess you get a point for not hiding the update video this time, like you did with the update to the video where you called the Nikon 50 the worst lens of the year without actually testing it. But I again question the ethics of leaving the original video up unaltered. You literally have someone calling the Sony "hot garbage" and people finding that on a search are only going to know that is a dubious statement if they click to reveal the hidden link to the update video. The better solution is to either recut the original video, noting your errors, or remove it. Having that video still up in its original form is a signal that the information in your videos can't be trusted.

Laune Isaac says:

this is a bow to pressure if it has comparability issues with multiple types of gear it has no place being tied for second

Alex says:

Yes but what about a livestreamed fistfight with Gerald?
We're bored. please.

Terry Breedlove says:

Did you test different Mics on the Nikon and others. No well imagine that another bogus review.

Ildskalli says:

Thank you very much for retesting the Sony. That was quite informative!

Matrix Lee says:

Just get a SONY mic…

1991ClarkJames says:

Also, I can't tell if they forgot to mask out their Sennheiser MKH-50 in post or not 😂😂<3.

1991ClarkJames says:

I've said it before and I'll say it again. I'm sure the Sony A7iii has some sort of built-in audio compressor or limiter, either that or it's just inconsistent as I've had one or two bizarre results in the field (sound tech grad).

runbei says:

To my mind, the DPR guys are just doing what any good reviewers would do. "This is really strange. And now we've found that the A7III does better with certain mics…" And so on, step by step. To expect them to get it "right" 100 percent of the time immediately is just tech-head virtuecracy and flexing – "I've got a degree in blah-blah, and I know you should have done X, Y, Z. And because you didn't, you're all poo." Really? Who's my daddy? DPR? Uh, no.

C B Arun Kumar says:

I think this has really has cast a pall over the integrity of DPReview. I have definitely not seen anything like this hatchet job that you did on Sony. Considering we have been using the A7III with various microphones without seeing anything like this makes your whole exercise seem lame and unscientific. Furthermore your insisting that we check the A7iii with different microphones and headphones makes it look like there is some inherent problem with the camera which is incorrect. Shame on you guys!

PhilWittmerFilms says:

lol professional sony shooter here….
just…. lol… a7iii has great preamps. of course it's not zoom f6 level. but the results with products like rode products is perfect for pro shoots like interviews etc

24Steevy says:

I used my a7III with so many mic i can't count, but never ever had this issue

Corona Virus says:

The video is kind of wired …

Manmeet Singh says:

Hmmm… imma put my protein shaker on top of his head and watch the video till my protein is ready.

Tomáš Kozohorský says:

I have my rode video mic pro and it sounds just really dine… kinda weird

Jérôme Chatillon says:

i'm still wondering how dpreview didn't find the first result weird enough to investigate a bit more before to release the video.
i mean if you find something really bad on a best selling product that no one complained about, it should raise questions no ?

Not a big deal here, and i don't give a damn about sony or any other brands.

Michael Mystro Pierce says:

I'm Confused with confusion lol

Falguer Morganson says:

Sony paid…?

Michael Ma says:

This has always been the case with any consumer recorder, especially with consumer mics. They require different amounts of power and these preamps have no way to support the variety of configurations.

iforgotmyusername0 says:

So many HURT fanboys caught up in his drama.. bet if this was found on the Olympus no one would cry fowl or demand a retest… Some people in the comments are even saying to get another professional audio engineer to retest with various gear to test impedance and all other non sense – suggesting that this guy must be doing something wrong because after-all Sonys are perfect right? The original video and this followup video highlights that there are potential issues with the Sonys with some setups.. As he said some mics work fine and others do not. Get over it!

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