Sony a7 III Full Frame Camera Review – It's that Good!

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Lisa Gade, technology reviewer by day and avid photographer by night, reviews Sony’s new entry level full frame mirrorless camera, the a7 III. This is a third generation product, and it finally realizes Sony’s vision for an extremely capable yet relatively affordable (by full frame 35mm standards) dSLR competitor with a BSI 24MP Sony sensor, impressive auto-focus with face and eye detection, 10 fps continuous shooting and excellent low light performance. The camera can also shoot oversampled 4K video up to 30 fps (this video was shot using our usual Sony a6300, but we switch to the a7 III in one section so you can see how it compares). Lisa took all the photos used in this video, and they’re a mix of out of camera JPEGs and processed uncompressed RAW files using Photoshop CC 2018.
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MR Fao says:

The best review:)

Roses says:

Very good video

BostonHooligan08 says:

A7iii for $2,000 or A7Riii for $2,800?

MrNando340 says:

If Sony upgrade the touch screen like Nikon Z and Canon EOSR, it would be a great option to consider

harry ware says:


Mr. 1000 CC says:

Hello Lisa, I know you shoot mostly stills at least in this video it was not mentioned, have you heard if Sony fixed their rolling shutter or lag issue on this camera? Thanks I enjoyed this review.

Lucas Martherus says:

buy the charger form another company ($20 tops)

Arun Anand says:

I really really like your T (graphics)

Elvin Lewis says:

Staying with my mini dslr, (Nikon D5600) until Sony, or Nikon capitulates, and gives a freakin' touch, flippy screen, on their flagship. I can't really upgrade, without giving up that feature, unless I go outside of Nikon and Sony, and I don't want to buy into another eco system.

Peter Holman says:

Above iso 800 the a7iii is iso-invarient. It is not more noisey with higher iso values.

Walter Rodrigues says:

best looking video around!!

Jawad Zaheer says:

Watching it on my a7iii

the okizen company says:

What's the difference between A7 III ILCE7M3K/B and ILCE7M3/B as sold on Amazon?

Dave Oplinger says:

I didn’t have you pegged as a photographer, so I wasn’t expecting much more than a repeat of all the specs. Great job, I just picked one up myself, huge jump even from the a7ii, which I had.

bulletsie says:

Such a Joy to see somebody know what they are talking about across a wide variety of tech and offer fantastic balanced reviews. Its a refreshing change from all the other gobshites that tend to talk crap and waffle on about nothing and dragging video's out. Lisa your awesome!

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