Sony A7 II Vs Canon 7D Mark ii Camera Comparison

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Here is our comparison between the Sony A7 II Vs the Canon 7D Mark ii.

More info on the Sony A7 II:

More info on the Canon 7D Mark ii:

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Fadi Hindi says:

Canon EOS 7D II vs Sony 77II vs Nikon 7500 Which one I should choose in 2019? Which one has more value? I like to shoot stills>videos.

Gary Clement says:

You did not talk about the battery life.

Admiral Akbar says:

You should do a new video comparing the Sony a7iii vs the 7d mark ii

René Thomas says:

Great review…keep up the good work…and just ignore all the negative comments!!!

MaZEEZaM says:

Great review Waj, 😀

Dzunkuづんく says:

Why don't you show the two bodies in the same scale in the side by side shot? This is extremely misleading since a body size difference between the two is significant.

MrMassproduce201 says:

Robert Frank would've shot Sony

Shpend Mirakaj says:

Can Canon 7d mark2 record in 4k through hdmi out?

Praj Rasa says:

Was the candle the only light source for the low light video comparison

UnratedAwesomeness says:

They're pretty comparable because they both have the number 7

Nick Beqiri says:

The 7D mark 2 is the best for the price.. no other camera beats it, PERIOD!! They're close, like the Nikon D7200 or the Sony A7 2 but for all around it's the best. For video it's the best, Lenses also Canon offers the most lenses & cheaper then the others. And it's body it's the strongest of all for that price, cannot go wrong with it. I like Nikon as well but this 7D mark 2 has impressed the world of Phottography & video graphers just like the first version of Canon 7d "1st generation"

zobotrombie says:

Dude, please make a Fujifilm X-T1 vs Canon 7D I I.


you could have said something about the 5 axis  in camera stabilization for the sony

Thinh Ngo says:

How about s-log2 for video in the a7ii? I don't know the 7dii, but I doubt Canon will put their c-log in there

Gally Zhou says:

Hi all, im just getting into photography and have about $2000 that I can invest. Can anyone give me a pointer or two on which camera I should buy? I plan on doing Landscape, Wildlife, Macro, and some indoor photography. The cameras I have considered are the 7d mark ii, Nikon d7200, and the sony A7 ii. If there is a better choice than the three Im considering please let me know. Thanks!

Redsun of NW says:

You cannot compare apple to orange. Lens make a hell different in shooting a photo or video. You don't even mention any lens used in this video. Canon demo video tells you exactly which lens they used to shoot those footages

Martti Suomivuori says:

The user interface in the Sony product lines –be it TVs or cell phones or cameras– is always a nerve-wrecking mess. While it is true that the Sony FF sensor gives an excellent picture quality with a good lens, it is also true that Sony does not offer quality glass at reasonable prices. The Canon product range is impressive, you find everything that you can dream of and/or afford. Do not believe the Metabones ads where they say that with their adapter the autofocus works normally. It most certainly doesn't as it cannot because the two different methods of focusing used in Canon DSLRs and Sony mirrorless do not mix well.

If you are (as I am) used to shooting with Canon, you will probably get a higher percentage of keeper shots with the Canon 7D II than the Sony A7 II. Canon is bigger and clumsier, true. If the size bothers you, get a good smartphone and leave the system cameras in the shop.


The 7DII is 3-4 years behind other existing APS-C competitors in terms of sensor technology and image quality performance. To say that it's image quality is as good as a NEW full frame sensor camera is simply not true.

And while the 7DII AF system is designed for sports and wildlife, the A7II AF system most certainly is not… a point you SHOULD have stressed in this comparison.

These are two totally different cameras, designed to do totally different things for different photographers.

Second, there IS no perceptible lag time in the Sony EVF… ZERO. Your nervous system  can't even register the time difference. And the amount of data that you can see without moving your eye from the EVF is amazing. You can see the image as it will be recorded, something just not possible with an optical view finder. I have NO idea why you completely ignored this critical advantage of EVFs.

As for video… you are literally the ONLY reviewer that I have seen on Youtube who thinks  the video capabilities of the 7DII is better than ANY full frame camera, let alone the EXCELLENT A7II.

The 7DII isn't even the best APS-C camera on the market; it is WAAAY behind the Nikon D7200, Sony A77II, Pentax K-3, and Samsung NX-1 in nearly EVERY respect. So to CLAIM that it is a better overall camera performance wise than the A7II is not a joke, but rather shows a deliberate bias towards the Canon that is completely undeserved and doesn't stand up to the facts:

Jaw Bee says:

plz..can anyone tell me which camera is best for still photography that can give best image quality.

Carlton Chong says:

As first time camera buyer, which camera should I choose? The A7ii or 7Dii?
As both of them have some great features baked into it. I'm more like a landscape photographer 🙂

David Gallagher says:

what are your thoughts on the image stabilizer in Sony A7ii vs none in the canon 7d mark ii ? do you feel that puts the a7ii ahead?

Gary King says:

Apples v. Oranges…

Umut Sezer Koç says:

I cannot decide what to buy, I'm not a professional, I'm not an amateur neither. I love taking photographs at low light, and I make films with my friends at night too. And I'm looking for the best quality for both video and image. What camera would you recommend me? ( Max. dollars that I can spend on a camera with the kit lens or maybe a prime is 1300-1500 dollars. Thanks for your help.

Rob L. says:

Damn… Mr. Mumbles!

floex831 says:

Another subjective review by this digital know-nothing! IQ is better on the Sony. The stills comparison, I see that the Sony is noticeably sharper than the Canon.

Another thing is this is an unfair comparison as it is a 35mm sensor and an APS-C sensor in addition to that, you have a D-SLR and a Mirror-less camera.  Thumbs down!

Luis Alvoeiro Quaresma says:

It's kind of pointless but I'm just repeating others comments. And you did miss the most important feature on the Sony a7ii for videographers (and new on the Sony's) that is the 5 axis image stabilization, which allows the easy use of old sharp manual lenses. I would like, instead, to see de 7D against the a6000 (11fps and a better sensor imo). Cheers mate, I know we are all trying our best here. Keep up.

shaolin95 says:

OMG Canon fanboys STOP whining about this not being fair because its APS-C vs FF.
The fact is both cameras are in the same price range, in fact, if you go to B&H you can see that the A7ii is actually cheaper right now so OF COURSE its fair. Why would you pay more or the same for an inferior product? Brand loyalty? Come on now..I have no stock on any company so I am loyal to a brand until another one offers me a better product for my money. You should learn that and evolve. 😉

Simon Lee says:

I think a much more reasonable comparison would be the 7D Mark II vs a6000.

Siciliano says:

i think it doesn´t make sense to compare an aps-c camera with an fullframe camera…

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