Sony A6500 vs A6400 // Which Camera Should You Get?

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It’s a hard decision… I know! But this Sony A6500 vs A6400 video will make it easier for you to decide which camera you should get.

We’re taking a look at 5 reasons you might want to choose the Sony a6400 and 5 reasons you might want the a6500 instead.

Sony A6400 –
Sony A6500 –
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Alpha S2K says:

Can the A6400 be used for live streaming on twitch? Does it have a clean HDMI out option?

E3 Cinema says:

Did you shoot this in 4K and downscale to 1080p in post?

Milton S. says:

Thinking ln selling my 6300 for the 6400….
Is the video quality between the two and even the 6500 worth it?

Brian Paxton says:

Which is newer ?? The a6400 ?

Andrian Sogocio says:

I'm a wedding videographer and I bought the A6300 as my gimbal cam over the A6400 and the A6500.

Why over the A6400? No mode dial C1 & C2. Menu system does not matter to me as I always pre-set my cameras before shooting, that is also why the mode dials that are missing is a big loss. As of the moment, I don't care now about the picture profiles, I found that the SOOC is fine enough for the type of shooting I do. I'd want the autofocus, but then again, I don't generally trust autofocus and find myself always checking the focus. Flip-up screens are for vloggers, I need a fully articulating screen.

Why over the A6500? All I'm getting are the touch screen and the IBIS. I use a Panasonic cam as my main cam, and I never use the touch screen for shooting purposes, even in menus I don't use it. It's turned off right now in my cam. IBIS… isn't important to me. The cam will be for my gimbal, I turn off the IBIS or any IS when I have the cam on my gimbal. So, if I bought the A6500, I'll be using it as an A6300 basically.

myolwin oo says:

Let me ask a question? If you don’t have any camera , which one will be your choice a6500 and a6400?

Oasky Nguyen says:

I love to buy the A6500 but I want to see myself on the screen. 😂

John says:

Had the a6500. Hated it. Sold the a65 and got the a6400. COULD NOT BE HAPPIER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😇

Carsten Bruhn says:

Having the Sigma 1.4 trio (with no OSS), the a6500 was a no brainer for me. Its great to have the IBIS to be able to lower the shutter and shoot with less noise at native ISO.

Richard Crowe says:

I have both but, tend to grab the A6400 more often for my stills shooting… BTW: I paid about the same for each camera since I purchased the A7500 used and the A6400 new…

Sendero Seeker says:

Great video. I have a question. How do you use tracking focus in 4K? I can’t get this to work. Have I overlooked something? It’s fine in 1080p.


sezo says:

I received a free a6000 with two lenses. Im planning on selling the two lenses and the body in order to upgrade to either a6500 or the a6400 (reason im stickin to aps-c is i already have two sigma lenses 30mm and 16mm) so im just looking for a more of a picture quality/feature update. In my situation, if you could find the a6500 and a6400 at the SAME price, which would you choose to upgrade to? I don't do any video, just photography – landscape, portraits, etc.

William Thomas says:

All these cameras are amazing – video quality unimaginable 25 years ago. I remember paying just as much attention to news of the Sony TR805 hi-8 camcorder, and spending the equivalent of over $1000 on mine. The treasure was not the camera but the footage – people no longer around. I also remember more recently when selfies and vlogging were seen as slightly creepy – slightly narcissistic. Now everyone is a TV studio. So the flip up screen carries it for me.

goatmonkey2112 says:

Yeah the used option makes it a tough call. A 6400 is currently about $900 for a new one, and no used option is out there yet. Or a a6500 used at around $750. I would like that optical image stabilization. I don't know.

amri says:

also what’s a good lens with this camera, (for someone that wants to do many types of photography, so no prime lenses)

kNERO Lapaé says:

I have the E 18-135mm F3.5 lens on the a6400. How can I get my footages to be this clean and sharp in my videos?

amri says:

what’s a good mirrorless camera for someone that wants to do more photography than videography, with a budget under $1000

The Landicho Channel says:

I'm doing a cooking blog hope they works

Shahryar says:

I love the way you actually replied every single person in the comment section mostly peoples don't do this even i had some questions and i already found someone in the comment section who already asked you the same question and i got the answer without even commenting and waiting for your reply your new subscriber 😍😍

Rich's Rant Radio Show says:

Love my a6400! I use it with a gimbal when needed. Sony Ibis isn’t that great anyway…

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