Sony A6500 Review – A More Awesome but Still Frustrating 4k Mirrorless Camera

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| The Sony a6500 is a faster and more stable version of the Sony A6300 with probably the best image quality and features like 4k video, slow motion, low light high ISO, IBIS, and features that should get the attention of photographers, vloggers, and video shooters. But sometimes a camera needs more than just an awesome spec list so let’s take a look at the Sony Alpha A6500 Mirrorless camera Review

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With 4k video, IBIS in body image stabilization, 11fps RAW bursts, great low light performance, log video, and a host of other options, it’s easy to see why the A6500 is one of the best cameras around beating both mirrorless cameras and the best DSLR cameras from Canon & Nikon


Dan Watson says:

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Umut Mert Samut says:

Can you say name of the lens you use ?

Tenico says:

Thank you! Really debating buying this camera. Good review!

Explore NC says:

I see the a6500 is a nice camera for a child 😛 !! mabye i will get my son one as a toy…. i think i'll look at something like the a7r iii or a9 fullframe !!!

Sydney De Vos says:

Would love to see you review some Fujifilm cameras


100 000 cool

Wingers Worldwide says:

Great video 😁😁

shaolin95 says:

The Fuji has nice feature but not even the latest one can touch the IQ of the 6500

Matt Gibbs says:

my nex 5r could track a subject no problem.

Allen Schneider says:

Any thoughts on this camera as compared to the a7iii or the nikon xt3? Any guesses on the release of an a6700 or an a7000 and what upgrades those might bring?


I got an a6500 recently. "Frustratingly awesome" is an apt description! It's very complicated, and this is made worse by its small size and small screen. I'd like it much better if all the complexity was in a larger package… But I'm going to stick with it and give it a chance – I'm sure it'll become more enjoyable once I get a better handle on it.

RichMantaray says:

60fps next time please 24fps sucks

** says:

This guy really hates Sony 😂 the a6000 series is for Pro-Am's anyway

Glasgow says:

I wouldn't waste my money on this camera

Yuran Liu says:

I don't know why people keep complaining "overheating" issue on such a small body when compressing 6K to high bitrate 4K in real time. DJI drones has strong active cooling fans still generate crazy heat even just turn on and put on the table without recording. Besides this should not be called overheat issue. the body is just trying to do the best to dispense the heat from the powerful image processor. The "overheating" word should only be used in the case the temperature cause the processor throttling and impact the performance.

Lu aL's says:

This is my main number 1 camera – no back up! the a6500 camera does it all!! You can push this camera to perform up to the pro line any day !!

mojojoedwards says:

Very honest reviews! Like many mentioned in the comments, we are in the age of amazing cameras. But not just yet…

ali ammar syed says:

How much،?

Ronaldo says:

This or the original a7 to buy now??

DRIFT says:

I think the a6500 is a great camera.
Shot this recently and I am impressed by the quality. See it for yourself 🙂 Cheers

Citizen of the universe says:

What adapter do you recommend for this sony camera in order to fit canon lenses? and can you briefly explain some of the disadvantages of image shooting by using lens adapters. Thanks in advance!

deeber35 says:

any telephoto lens (~300mm) options that aren't very costly?

Joseph Moser says:

God should I get this or a canon m50. I’m torn. Already have an 80d. Want a smaller portable mirrorless camera

Mighty Visuals says:

Saw your video before buying this camera about a year ago. Now, a year later, I made my own long term review of this camera. If anyone wants to know a little more about it, check the video out on my channel! Thanks for the information Dan!

Digital Infotainment says:

The main reason for getting a Sony is the high iso capabilities. My Canon sucks at low light. Planning to shift to Sony for the same reason.

Śhâdÿ Èžźât says:

this hotos that taken with these camera has edit or not

Ky Fisher says:

just wait… why dosnt the 'lock on AF' work?

Zipp4Everyone says:

Great sound level work, if the scene hadnt changed i wouldnt have been any the wiser.

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