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Is the new Sony a6400 better than the Canon M50?
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The Canon M50 has been one of the most requested and viewed cameras on this channel. We were lucky enough to get some early access to the Sony a6400 and immediately wanted to put it to the test with the M50. Let us know your thoughts on which one you think is best for 2019 in the comments below!

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lboymusic says:

by the way, the flip screen issue, is easily overcome by this l-bracket small rig:

Golden Tap Film says:

Sony not a clear winner by any means and it' s almost double price, M50 best bang for buck imo – when Canon release the 1300$ RP it could well blow this Sony away, looking forward to the 6400 >>Canon RP comparison video

ironmei 66ch says:

I love my Canon m50

Stefanie and Caleb says:

You guys are awesome!!! So cool connecting with you!! 😎🤙

Generally Nerdy says:

Dont forget the a6400 apparently has no recording limit in 1080! that alone is enough to tip the scale. Then you add that crazy low light performance and you have yourself one helluva camera my friend.

cooloox says:

Great comparison. You showed that the A6400 is a great camera and the M50 is also a great camera for its price. I bought an M50 for street photography and it's surprisingly good for the price. I customised my buttons such that manual mode is a dream to use now and nearly every common setting has fast access.

I'd love to play with the A6400 to test its AF.

Going back to the M50, you really have to know it to get the most out of it. You need to know where AF tracking mode will excel and when to switch to zone AF or single-point AF or even small AF single-point too. Get to know these and you'll rarely ever misfocus a shot.

Ismael Martinez says:

Why is this a fair comparison? The real street price of the M50 is $500. The Sony is double the price, so why compare them. The M50 is still the best value for $ , and don’t forget all the Canon glass that adapts seamless without any glitch in usability. The Sony for the price point is it as good a value? Your comparison points otherwise.

real342 - Thomas Santoso Westberg says:

So can we put down that old dog now? You know the one barking about dual pixel AF being the best?

Dennis Vanderben says:

Crop crop crop crop crop…..
Crop crop….
720p “cough”
Crop crop crop crop

Johnny9 says:

wow sony 120 fps for 1080 thats the way to go

DaveXGore says:

What song was that during the comparison? lol

Jaden White says:

ayeee that H3H3 mug

Punnapat Boonbusakorn [punturtle] says:

I think a6400 is the best but I can’t choose between 6400 and 6500 because 6400 don’ve a stabilizer. But 6400 have a better focusing . Maybe I need to waiting for full review a6400vs6500 🤣

Haris Firmansyah says:

That dinamic range

theBrothersThre3 says:

I was bummed Sony didn't fix the rolling shutter issue. However at the price point the A6400 is amazing. Better color like the A7III plus the best auto focus money can buy. You can always trust Sony to deliver the top tech, which is nice. They also fixed or at least improved the overheating issue. Way to go Sony, just put out the XT3 contender with Venice color and you'll be top dog.

Ben Cruz says:

M50 is a better vlogger cam – it can do dual IS (lens IS + digital IS) and no body talks about this. It also picks up skin better, esp in a contrasty environment. Sony on the other hand is shaky even with IS lens + Ibis. Also dont forget that u will block the screen once u put a mic on it too. I happen to have a6500 and 77d. Theres no perfect cam, just know what u need to use it for.

Brandon Sanders says:

I have an m50 and the lowlight is just not for me. Anything in photos above 200 iso has noticeable grain. The video is decent though, just want 120 FPS in 1080p, so the a6400 would be my choice as an m50 owner.

Sean7 says:

I think I might get the M50 and use the money to buy a nice lens or two. Total cost will probably be less than the 6400 body.

Steve Tekguy says:

For me the lens is till an issue in the Sony world. Just too expensive so what about ?? using the old Sony 18-55 to keep the cost down. I see those on Ebay for under $200.

Keith Spillett says:

I do actually use an M50 as my main camera these day, and the AF on mine seems to work better than the example used for your test. The results straight out of my camera seem to be significantly sharper than yours.

Dillon Loomis says:

The perfect video camera:

– dual pixel AF
– ibis
– 1080p 120fps
– fully articulating touch screen

How hard can it be?!

Morris says:

Laguna beach!!!

Zim Mhone says:

HLG looks better than every profile including canons. Interesting…

EbonySeraphim says:

0:22 — "To the other APS-C king, the M50" said no one who cares about their reputation in the industry. Fuji XT-20/30 and Sony-A6*** are the APS-C kings hands down. Everyone else is playing catch up or unsure if it's worth staying/entering the market.

I appreciate the honesty in the review overall though and it was solid. I think in future reviews should be more pragmatic in a few ways. First, stop talking about rolling shutter as a comparison or test. All mirrorless cameras are bad at it. Until a camera does something substantially different (faster) while reading out the pixel data from the sensor, it'll be a reality. I'd just say "it's there, this camera is no better or worse than others out there so if you were expecting this to solve it, you'll be disappointed". Rolling shutter is also something most people don't notice unless they know what to look for while the camera is panning like a maniac. Most natural/real footage won't ever pan that fast while having the noticeable edges too.

Second, a major element and feature of portrait photography is eye auto focus. Conveniently, (I hear) it is one of the substantially sub-par features in the M50 where it basically never finds the eye outside of close up and wide open eyes. Older Sony A6*** and Fuji XT cameras are great finding the eye even when the subject is at a distance. The A6400 improves on what was already great and gives you A7III/A9 like accuracy and speed for acquiring eyes and putting it in a $900 camera body, and adds behavior which knows how to gracefully fall back from eye, to face, to object tracking so you don't have to do much at all and have correct focus for continuous photo shooting.

Color science I've realized is kind of a BS topic for comparison. For photography basic raw processing can/should be adjusting colors anyways. Video is tougher to correct colors, but if your standard workflow has to using a log color format with color grading later, then the colors out of camera doesn't really matter. Super casual videographers would care that colors out of camera with no work may look better to some folks, but if you're sensitive enough notice the difference between two solid colors, you should

I realize this review focused entirely on the video capabilities of both cameras, so it would be fair to point out that both cameras are actually hybrid cameras which are supposed to be fairly solid in both video and photo capabilities. If you're going to cut it out, make mention of that. The M50 seems to be a better camera if you're on a tighter budget (or looking for better value) if you're sticking to 1080p vlogging (better setup with front facing flip screen not getting blocked by hot shoe mics). Outside of that, A6*** series tend to beats it in almost every other relevant way possible. Another area might be lens lineup if you already have and investment in Canon lenses, but if that's you, then you've been doing video or photography long enough to not need this kind of review to make a decision.

Christopher Pack Art says:

How about long recordings with the a6400? Overheating? Can it be overcome with an external recorder so there is no inside processing to overheat it. I want to find something that can be used for streaming and long interviews.

Clifford Fetus says:

The caveat here is price still. M50 lenses are way cheaper

Dimitar Dimitrov says:

M50 Portrait color. Thats the color pattern i like. HLG of the Sony is also good but i prefer the portrait pattern by the canon.

BozDuke13 says:

The a6400 is the more professional camera that gives you way more for your money. The m50 is better for vlogers, certain photographers, and less tech-savvy people who want a good result that is easy to achieve.

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