Sony a6400 – Unbox, Test & Review – BEST New Vlogging Camera???

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Entire Sony a6400 Test Vlog –
I decided to get the NEW Sony a6400 with a flip screen to try using it as my main vlogging camera. In this video I do an unboxing to show what it comes with, as well as a few accessories that I ordered, followed by a quick review and some clips from my first outing with the camera at Disney Springs.

Camera equipment I used for this video (these are affiliate links):
Sony a6400
Sony mic
SD card
Batteries & Charger
Phone tripod mount

Other cameras I use (affiliate links):
Osmo Pocket

iPhone Xs Max Test Vlog –

More about my channel:
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Molly Fitz Brown says:

Do you vlog? What camera is your favorite camera to use?

TheDuphilyCrew says:

Nice camera! We use a Sony camcorder for home vlogs. We have a GO Pro as well. There is a camera my husband wants but I don't know what it's called I just know it's a Sony.😄

Mark Way Up says:

nice camera……i have the cannon g7x and love the flip screen…helps me make better videos on mine! 🙂 how heavy is it?

Bearfoot Adventures says:

I saw your channel while I was exploring YouTube and I subscribed to your channel i would love if you would subscribe too my channel

DansVideoMosaic says:

I use a g7x but I'm hoping to upgrade one day.

Gary Jahman says:

You popped up in my recommendation list! I guess because of the camera talk 😀

You should try a gimbal to have stable footage such as this:

It will not break the bank either. Have fun with vlogging!

Greetings from The Netherlands!

Chronically Disney says:

I love the size of the camera. And how the screen pops out. Great video!

Moore Family Fun says:

Loved your video! I’ll have to check this camera out!

TheKingsJourney says:

Thanks for the review! We enjoy looking at the different camera options for vlogging! We like using our GoPro Hero 7 black and we are keeping notes on what camera we would consider getting in the future. Thanks for sharing!

Judi Davis says:

Great review. I was thinking of getting a blogging camera. I have a nice Canon that I got for a steal and it was great just starting. But now I am looking into something a bit more serious. Also loved that double charger.

Kellie’s Kingdom says:

I’m currently using the Canon G7x. This one looks like it is great quality!

Erica Terry DIY says:

Awesome job with this! I use the canon g7x but I can see a lot of benefit to this model. Congrats on the new purchase!

QuePenaTravels says:

That’s a great camera! :)-

Disney 101 says:

Thanks so much for sharing Molly, we just subbed to your channel! I've used the go pro as well as the Canon hero but this defeintely looks like a great model. Definitely need the extra battery and mic

The Laughing Lion says:

Awesome camera. I have Sony too and you can't go wrong with the quality. I'm new here so I subscribed #989 with the notification bell on…almost to 1000!

thanks for your support too! Meow!

Alanna Zingano says:

Loving seeing different types of gear out there! Fun unboxing Molly!

Photo Gear Fun says:

That's a great little camera you have there! Very nice Unboxing. Are you using that Sony Mic? Seems you wouldn't be able to if you want to use the flip up screen. Thanks for sharing.

PixieDust & Peaches says:

Great Camera Molly. Hey, how does it do in low light filming without the flash? Also, is it heavy to carry around all day vlogging? I’m thinking about a new camera and just checking new videos out getting ideas. It’s a good looking camera for sure.

ZBYGLUS - Beautiful Places In The World says:

Very interesting and very informative video. Excellent review.

TheMouseandMore says:

Thanks so much for sharing this. Looking forward to watching your entire Vlog will this camera. Cannon seems to have the best stabilization besides the GoPro 7.

The Tactical Traveler says:

The a6400 is an amazing camera. I agree the only shortcoming is the stability, especially when walking around and logging at a Disney park. I started with the Canon M50, and still use it quite a bit when vlogging around the parks. A few months back I purchased the Dji Osmo Pocket and it has quietly turned into my primary vlogging camera at the Disney parks.

I recently added the Rode Wireless Go as a microphone and the sound is top notch. I suggest you take a look at the Rode Wireless Go to add to your a6400. It will make a big difference in capturing high quality sound inside the theme parks. I've done a couple videos with mine, feel free to check them out and judge for yourself how well they work for an amateur like me who knows very little about sound.

My Westies TV says:

Great review I’ve been looking to get a new camera maybe I’ll look into that one thank you

Family on Standby says:

Would love to go mirrorless at some point. Looks fun!

Londonexplore101 says:

Hey Molly, Love your new camera ❤️ I’m glad you’re back filming more Disney magic. I use a Canon EOS Rebel T6. Can’t wait for your next video. Have a magical weekend!

Sawyer In The Middle says:

We have been looking at cameras. How did the sound do as far as wind noise?

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