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We do an early review of the Sony a6400, about $900 for the body or $1,000 for the kit. It isn’t the camera we were hoping for, but it’s a good camera, and it’ll definitely be popular. This is now Sony’s entry-level camera, and it’s very capable.

If you’re familiar with Sony’s camera lineup, it’s basically an a6500 with a screen that flips up. However, the a6500 has sensor stabilization, which this camera lacks. We LOVE sensor stabilization for both stills and video, so that missing feature was disappointing, but we can’t complain too much at the $900 price.

Sony has also improved eye autofocus and subject tracking, but both are still less-than-perfect.

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Better Travel Camera ($500 at Amazon): Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark II

Good ($550 at Amazon): Sony a6000
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Best ($3,150) at Amazon: Pentax K-1 & Pentax 24-70 f/2.8

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Frank Mark999 says:

Good review. The skin tones in the video does look nice in this camera

Carol F says:

Will the new and improve Eye AF and subject tracking with the touch screen and time lapse be available for the a7III in a firmware update? Or is only available for the a6400?

Socrates Nicolaou says:

Just a re-badged a6300 to me…

cosmogang says:

Not impressed.

Battlemind says:

Would like to know if this camera overheats when taking video for longer than 15 minutes. My a6000 does.

Helmut Leonhardt says:

I think the a6400 replaces the a5100 and the RX-100 and nothing else

Gopi Krishna says:

Came for the giveaway 💁‍♂️

Mahler7 says:

Is this a disposable camera?

detlef82211 says:

Sorry, for what reason should I buy it if you are not Sportsphotographer? Missing OIS is a no go. Sorry Sony

Eli says:

Piece if crap, who needs it even for $400?

Djilali Belamria says:

Amazing caméra


Plz sis I am your little brother plz give me😘

Pete Tran says:

no IBIS 😡

Larry Kay says:

The A6000 is Sony's APSC entry level camera, correct?

Shiddard Mankala says:

One of best camera
With a best review

Ripley says:

Feeling a little underwhelmed by this release. I can't believe Sony designers can still make basic errors by not allowing an external mic to be connected to the horse shoe, of course there are workarounds but that's not really the point, is it so difficult to get a flip out screen like you see on camcorders that cost a few hundred dollars less? And what's with the battery? Have we not moved on in the two years since the A6500 was released. I hope the rumoured A7000 doesn't come with inherent design issues.

Richard Crowe says:

I was very excited about this camera and right off the bat I thought that I would add the A6400 to my A6500 as a 2 camera outfit. The size and the price are great and since I photograph hundreds of dogs each year, the animal Eye-AF seemed like a great addition. HOWEVER and a BIG HOWEVER, the lack of IBIS is the reason that I will not get this camera. I will wait and see if Sony ever comes out with the successor to the A6500 (A6700 or A7000) and, if this has not come down the pike by this summer when the firmware for animal Eye-AF is introduced for the A7iii, I will pick up the A7iii to use as my main camera with the A6500 as my second camera. Honestly, except for protecting the sales of the A6500, I cannot understand why Sony would have neglected to include IBIS in this camera.

Mon Salas says:

The A6400 is a nice "entry-level" mirrorless camera, but It would be great if it has in-body image stabilization.

Scott's reviews says:

Disappointment Flip up screen. Really.


never win I dont believe in winning it seems to be fake for every giveaway that's just for getting likes and subs I participated but lasttime

Gabriela Lamberti says:

iJustine had a better almost full review of this camera. She was much more thorough than you guys

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