Sony a6400 Hands-on Review

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It has a tilty-flippy screen that flips slap bang into a hot-shoe-mounted mic but there’s more to the a6400 than just a ‘vlogging’ camera.

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Sony a6400 (body only):
Sony a6400 w/ 18-135mm:
Sony a6400 w/ 16-50mm:
SmallRig a6300 cage:

Blue Wednesday – Half Past Five

Birocratic – Slipout
Birocratic – Orientation

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Kai W says:

Cha Siu-Licious! Cheers, Lok.

Graham Sherrington says:

any real reviews for us people who do NOT vblog plz

JoAnn Page says:

LOL… are a true comedian. Love your video, plus you helped me decide about the A6400.

Evil Rides says:

11:18 that's the karma lmao

John Smith says:

Too much jokes and lame review.

Writer's Bloque says:

Despite all my rage I'm still just an a6400 in a cage

JG Tbym says:

LoL. “Racist…” in reference to your ironic remark about fellow Chinese not telling the difference between other Chinese. Classic! Love your humour. So unique among the crowd. Newly subscribed and returning for more:)


Great video. I also did an unboxing and small review on my new channel. Come have a look 🙂

Joyjeet Paul says:

Hello Kai….is A6000 still a great pick for street photography and blackandwhite photography in 2020 ? My budget is little stiff

Jurius Doctor says:

So why would anyone o for the a6400 as it's ~$1400 CAD (£ 815-ish), when you can get the Canon EOS M50 Video Creator kit (with side-flipout self-facing screen) which comes with the Rode Video Mic Go for <$900 CAD (£ 525). Or, get the Rebel T5i Video Creator Kit (same options) for the same price as the a6400?

BosnaBoyMahir says:


Karlo's Corner says:

I recently purchased the a6400, I love it. Love it so much I made a video about my first week with it. Great review, Jeremy. lol

Rossko Peeko says:

What’s with that knocking sound when recording a video. Can that be stopped ?

Martin Stenport says:

hello Kai! Both a6400 and GH5 is on sale for the same price now… Which one to chose? I will do talking head in studio spreading content on a tripod but also do clips when I am out on the street

OZbibaO says:

There's no such thing as a Duracell bunny

Jesper Svensson says:

Great video mate. This camera is awesome! Bought is a few weeks ago and its the best camera ive ever had. The 4K is awesome and the 1080p is also great for slowmo, the image is just perfect. If you want to see some real video examples from the a6400 and sony 35mm lens check out the video in this link (its from my channel) 😀

Ammar Shaukat says:

Saw your first video , it forced me to subscribe your channel. amazing work

Waterland Films says:

Thank you for the thorough review Kai!

Rahul Roy says:

I'm from India, can i wait for Nikon z50 or i buy Sony a6400? I need all rounder camera please suggest me sir. Which camera is more better Nikon z50 or Sony a6400? I'm student so i can only investment one time with basic lens and I'm also beginner. Please reply me.

Sting Cobra says:

a philosopher once said

"fucking nature!"
-kai w

J Ng says:

Are you Alamby?

Tropos Art Studio says:

Hi Kai! Can you tell me how you did the same picture from Panasonic and Sony? S-Log and LUTs? Tell me more, please.)))

UPSC 99 says:

Is it a good camera for wedding or still photography under this price bracket?

Shoikot Mahmood says:

Pissy dude talking pissy as always

Kavish Persad says:

'Duracell bunny'

Lyndon Baptiste says:

This is brilliant.

Ashley Stubbings says:

"Racist!" That's a classic! lol

zainal mukhtar says:

Im comfius..

Ame sama says:

Dude you're awesome!!!

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