SONY A6400 FULL Review! Best Vlogging Camera?

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Along with my travel content, I want to make some other fun videos whilst at home so this is episode 3 of my Tech Talk series, Today I’m looking at the $900 Sony A6400. In my opinion, it’s a pretty amazing camera for this price and perfect as a vlogging camera, what do you think?

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Release date in February 2019

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Paul Hitchman says:

so if you put a mike on the hot shoe… then you don't see the pop up screen?

The Begg Family Antics says:

Not my kind of camera, can’t afford it, but nice to see you doing a review!


What is his accent?

Shivappa Shiva says:

A6400 comfer to Canon 5d Mark 4

Gaming Forever says:

Hello, I have an A7 ii and I am looking for a camera that is faster in darkness and in autofocus speeds than mine now. It should act as a second camera. Would the a6400 be a good choice for me?

biyan slam says:

my camera is Nokia 3315 🙂

Lifen Time says:

Is Raya born to her parents or adopted???

MatthewJackson 265 says:

but i just brought a6300 🙁

Anth Bowey says:

Why would anyone get this over the m50? Seriously.

prince. king says:

Sony a6500 same sony 6400 not big change I fine but too much expensive her

Ben Bartlett says:

Hey louis, where abouts in Australia are you traveling too?

Optic Beat says:

Accurate tracking auto focus & color science from a7iii would let me send my a6500 away! 😛 I don't need IBIS.

Vapecan says:

tilted screen vs flip screen ?

Summer2015 says:

Does the grip part shape similar to that of a6500 instead of a6000? I prefer the former as it is round and comfortable to hold it.

Em Travels The World says:

Wow I really like this review! So tempted to buy one of these cameras!
I just posted my first ever Thailand travel film if anyone wanted to check it out.

Yuriy Lvov says:

– How many FPS in 4K?
– What about video stabilization in 4k?

firpofutbol says:

If this is targeted at vloggers, then flip up screen that gets covered by a mic is a huge fail. I suppose you could get a cage and mount the mic to that, but that only adds bulk and weight not suitable for vloggers. And the in house mic is very poor, adding to the fire that now you absolutely need an external mic for decent sound quality. Only thing it has on the M50 is better 4k but with it losing out on the other features important to vloggers, plus the M50 15mm stabilized kit lens and $350 cheaper, why would anyone buy this over the M50?

rujakandroid says:

how bout the color?

Javit soi says:

That flip looks like it will break


Why they remove the stabilization?

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