Sony A6100 review: Incredible autofocus for a budget camera

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Br br says:

I think it looks good.

Michelle Alexandria says:

I hate Sony Pony’s god forbid you give an honest review. This guy said despite it’s problems it’s still the best budget camera available now. What more do you unreasonable dbags want?

Ronnie DiMaio says:

This seems better for indoor vlogging where you can attach an external mic and not block the screen

ricky v says:

I have always liked Sony cameras. This is another of their entry point models I would consider.
Thank you for this honest review. No camera is perfect but we gotta work with what we have.

Jim Jon says:

My RX100 M3 seems to handle low light quite better… Am I mistaken?

Anton Slizzardhands says:

Is it me or does this guy hate Sony?

Тимур Салахетдинов says:

6400 is cheaper and better than this. No reason to buy it.

DeepteshLovesTECH says:

Waiting for XT200 review!!!

Winston Smith says:

A $700 camera (with one lens) is a "budget" camera?

bigwavedave350 says:

Maybe you should have got an unbiased person to do this review. You are a bit harsh. Sony is doing pretty darn good right now! Maybe you should figure out why they are so successful before you embarrass yourself. The way the camera looks is subjective. Keep your opinions to yourself and state the facts.

omi404050 says:

Can u please compare it to the upcoming fujifilm xt 200.
I think these two will be direct rivals, and a good video for beginner photographers like me who want to buy a new entry level camera

almas samin hasan ananno says:

Please make a video on sl3

xGIJewx says:

Please don't take advice from somebody who takes photos this bad

Tammer Aimer TV says:

No, Canon m50 is better than Sony a6100

unknwn_usr says:

Sony A73 best

Jules Verne Reyes says:

With the camera having so many flaws, captioning the video title with the word INCREDIBLE is really just click-bait. Nothing to see here people. Move along…

Laman Digital says:

I like it a lot because of its small and compact body. With interchangable lens and flippable screen.

Everyone But China says:

Hey, Steve, this is a SONY, that why they have character, no good for a french man only fuji and Canon you will like

Sifat Rabby says:

If it were around 600 bucks than it would have been a great deal.

V Gee says:

Can't believe everybody complains about the body style of the a6 series…to me it's one of the best looking out of all the mirrorless cameras..nice and low profile.

Mr Tech says:

Too expensive for what it is, same low grade EVF, just added a flip screen and mic input. Sure the AF is better but it's bad value
NO Steadyshot (fail). Only slightly less than the A6400 it's not worth it.

Budget? When is $700 an entry camera? No wonder camera sales have bombed so bad – the industry is rampant overpricing

Il Medved says:

I cant get why photo quality is so close to smartphone cameras.

srujan kumar says:

You make a great videos 🥰

Rohaan Manzoor says:

m50 is way cheaper!

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