SONY a6000 Review and video sample – Best Mirrorless Camera

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The a6000 is the fastest auto focus camera I have ever tested. I was extremely surprised how good it does. Simply amazing!!!

Get it on amazon –

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iBertz says:

The a6000 is the fastest auto focus camera I have ever tested. I was extremely surprised how good it does!!! Get it on amazon –

Neil Resnera says:

2019 anyone?

Abbey Galle says:

The video is at 60p?

Paulo Victorio says:

Does it shoot 1080p at 60fps? Sorry, I'm new to photography, and I'm planning to buy one as my first camera.

Rabi Ray says:

how much Sony camera

Shyamsundar Gupta says:

This camera still worth buying? I'm getting it for $450

Matheus Chiabi says:

what lens are you using?

Kenneth Davis says:

Hello. What video settings did you use, and what did you conversion settings for YouTube?

yayableu says:

great review!

Joshua Wilson says:

How does it work at night time / low light?

Eddylyn Marie Torrano says:

Sir,what app did you use to connect/view from phone?

Khalid shaik says:

Can we use it to make movies for theatre release

Michael Wanyoike says:

Am going to sell my camera and buy this one. Quality on Youtube is stunning. Would love to see it raw

Wattie F says:

Had it for 6 months for the price can’t beat it

Elizabeth Pichardo says:

What is the app called for the camera you were using?

DeputyDadBod says:

what's the frame rate on this? It looked super clear but I noticed I got a little motion sick when you moved it bc it seemed choppy. was that from the camera or compression?

Karim Nabil says:

Sony Alpha a6000 Mirrorless Digital Camera with 16-50mm Lens, Graphite (ILCE-6000L/H)
Check it here

Daddy James Films says:

on the website the app says that got a recording function, is that something new with this app? here is what it say's "Your mobile device, such as a smartphone, can be used as a remote commander for the camera.
Operations such as releasing the shutter, starting/stopping the recording, and zooming are available"

Shahid Khan says:

I don't have money to buy it 😢😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭😭

Veronica Oñate says:

Why I can’t see the videos on my Sony a600 cámara????

Mariano Ravizza says:

Hi, great video bro! Do you know the duration of continuos recording for example using 24FPS at 1920×1080? Thank you!

shotcaller says:

love this camera. i've had it for 3 years and still performs well. check out this travel video i shot using this camera and the standard kit lens–04E

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