Sony A6000 Full Review: Best Travel/Beginner Camera?

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In this video, I fully review the very popular Sony a6000 mirrorless camera. Is this the best travel or beginner cameras on the market? Is this camera worth all of the hype on the photography and videography community?In short, hell yes! This compact mirrorless camera packs a punch for a fraction out of your wallet. Coming in at under $600-$700 bucks you get something a professional photographer likes to have in their bag.
Sony a600 Unboxing/First Thoughts Video:

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G L says:

This camera is extremely capable and beautiful the only “bad” thing is no mic input


Good video Eric ~ I'm from South Korea

Jeff Goldberg says:

I read your comments back to the questions here, you give very thoughtful answers. You're very classy and professional.

Juraj Saliba says:

Hi Eric,

Thanks a lot for the video, for like a month now I can't decide between Olympus OMD EM10 Mark II and SONY A6000. I got a huge travel expedition coming up, across 22 countries and I am a total amateur/beginner in the world of photography, but I would really want to be able to capture some, let's say "semi-professional" photos, at least. So I am looking for a travel camera, suitable for a backpack, compact, good grip, long-lasting battery, decent stabilizer. I guess I put much more emphasis on the photography side than the video.

Trying to get the most out of landscape as well as detailed portrait photos.

Could you please recommend me the perfect camera for me?

I would very much appreciate it.
Thank you once again very much in advance.
Peace, Juraj 😉

Divyansh Tiwari says:

+Eric Rossi
Sir…is this camera worth buying in 2018…
Keeping in mind the budget..!???
Do tell me..pleaseeee..

Mark Grafton says:

Hey, I’m making the jump to mirrorless after years on a canon 60D. I’m weighing up my options. I know this isn’t a new model but it still seems to hold its own. Do you think this is still worth it in 2018?

Gezdik Gorduk Inanamadik says:

Hello. I am traveller and blogger and ı decide to buy this camera (especially because of weight). ı am beginner ı know that all features of a6000 are enough for me. I would lıke to ask any suggestion for the lens which has better performance on night shooting and video. Also ıf you have any camera suggestion ı will be glad. Thanks.

FortnitePanda Playz says:

CANON t5i or this????

Leone Lelen says:

can I use dslr Sony lens into this camera?

DON GEE says:

Hadn't failed to disappoint you eh!! Double Dutch.

Rezkintalya says:

Do you prefer this Sony a6000 or Canon G7x Mark ii? And why?



Top Dog obedience says:

I wont buy a camera unless it has a vlogging screen. Im surprised they make them without a pivoting lcd screen these days

Hannah R says:

Hi. Thanks for the nice review! If I may ask your opinion, do you think it's worth it to get the a6000 as a 2nd camera? I'm quite new in photography, currently using an old bridge camera (Lumix FZ200). I'm mostly satisfied with the photos, but sometimes it's a bit bulky to carry around when travelling. Also, I've been seeing a lot of good reviews about the a6000. Do you think it's worth it to get the a6000, or is the quality in general better in a bridge camera?

Maytricks626 says:

Hey bro!! I need your help, I’m stuck between this camera and the Canon T6I, what camera you recommend? I want the camera for both stills and video! If you can help that would be great bro thanks!!

Jing Yan says:

Is it worth to buy the one that come with an extra 55-210mm lens?

Helga Christ says:

You can setting on manual mode when recording ?

Stefan Wolf says:

thank you very much, really appreciate your review! got my a6000 just a day ago and planning on dumping the kitlenses (the 16-50 & 55-210, which i got in a super cheap deal) and get me a sigma 30mm 1.4 + mybe a sony 18-105 for travelling.

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