Sony A200 digital SLR review by What Digital Camera

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Sony A200 digital camera review by Matt from What Digital Camera monthly magazine

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Isah Nalang Juohd says:

How can I take video with sony a200?

Al Green - Light Through Glass says:

Hi from the future – where's the 4k, eye detect, ISIS and dual cards – can't shoot without them .

DjKurzi says:

can you make with that camera good Videos or can you put a microfon  on it?

momovic2 says:

You either make a review, or a comparison. Simple.

vaped says:

does this camera take video?

Sammy Snider says:

@waqasyasin why do you say for starters, does it not have many capabilities or something, and can you slow down the shutter speed and what is the continuos shooting mode like?

Sammy Snider says:

would you recommend this for action photography

Burhan Enterprise says:

I own this camera ! and i LOVE IT !

Pedro Silva says:

@SJSkateHD Yep

Groovy Potato says:

can it record video

Muddasir Shah says:

i dont know why videos about cameras in youtube take so much time in buffering and this guy looks like he is animated

locosrayo says:

a200 or canon xs?

ipodtoucher15 says:

that dude is as white as paper

c0LdPlayR0cKs says:

@russia086 yeah, not the only one :))

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