Sony α35 SLT-A35 digital camera review and demo

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The Sony α35 is a digital camera with the special translucent mirror technology. I got this camera brand new back in 2011 and enjoyed using it ever since.


Sipan Hamo says:

Hi, do you know how to connect this camera to a power bank or another way to ultimate the battery?

Cirrus Clouds says:

Very helpful video. I am planning to buy this used.

Jonathan Flores says:

how do you connect a sony a35 hdmi to hp laptop to use it as a viewfinder?

Bob Willers says:

A bit late I know however the optional sensor for the"wireless"remote that you point to is in fact the self timer warning light. No remote commander option on the A35.

bhoxzs jeje says:

What is perfect mic for this camera?

Evo Fitness says:

You can adjust the White balance and exposure manually prior to recording by the way 🙂 Found this out by mistakenly playing around with settings. Great video!

evanmurn says:

Thank you for this video! It helped me find my way around the basics.

ZachTV18 says:

It looks like a good camera 🙂

talldude123 says:

I love Sony Digital SLRs. I have an older one, DSLR-A30, which lets me take stunning photographs for only having a 10 megapixel sensor. As far as DSLRs go, Sony also has their own touch of "style" with little orange coloring around the cameras.

Neil Robinson says:

Canon used this sort of mirror on there " Pellix " model back in the mid 1960's.

Dorf Schmidt says:

Ein Nachteil hast du nicht erwähnt, der halbdurchläßige Spiegel leitet 25% des Lichts um, die Kamera muß das natürlich kompensieren, also z.B. die ISO anheben oder länger belichten, beides problematisch. Der Spannmotor wird nach 5-15k Auslösungen ausfallen.

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