Smartphone Vs Compact Camera – Sony RX100 VI Vs Huawei P20 Pro

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Here it is 2018 Smartphone vs Compact Camera review. It’s the Sony RX100VI Vs Huawei P20 Pro which might be the very best camera smartphone ever made. #RX100vi #Vs #P20pro

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WhatGear says:

What do you guys think…are we not far away from smartphone cameras will catch up to compact cameras?

Kaan Türk says:

Both are amazing. p20pro is capable of doing lots of things tho. an outstanding performance for a phone. But of course Sony wins.

supashaker1 says:

No matter what settings you pick on the p20 it wont beat the sony…

Jeff from New York proud owner of a 4670K says:

Even if he used the P20 Pro correctly it still loses and I'm saying that as a P20 Pro owner.

Amrit Bonia says:

Where are the actual camera and smartphone? Anyone could fool anyone by this!

daghrb6 says:

In many compact camera dSLR VS. Phone videos I've seen so far, there are besides the image quality 2 things i notice in those daylight pictures/videos that make people swing 50/50 to the phones advantage..
1. Video.
Many phones and especially Iphone X have very nervous looking video. This is not to do with 24p/60p video. It has to do with matching the vide framerate 24p with the correct shutter speed 1/50th. I think the phones must have a shutter speed of 1/200th or something because when people move It looks very nervous and stressful. go watch some vids about shutter speed in video
Most phones also doesn't cope well with changes in light during video capture seing the exposure jump all over the place in steps.
See this video @ 00,52 and 1,04
2. Daylight photos.
Smartphones can produce some really good daylight JPEGs and It's hard for people to 100% vote for the better camera.
I've noticed that higlights are almost always overexposed and produce too bright white and a corona effect on reflecting surfaces like water and white surfaces due to the phones lesser lens @ 6:30.
Ontop of this the obvious things is worse Dynamic Range, all phone images seem flatter, wrong color temperature, no ability to correct images, really noise images even at low ISO.
Try setting your Smartphone to RAW images, they look utter shit day or night!

Mat Ten says:

It's weird to me too the p20pro best feature IS the night mode, you can even move a bit while taking the picture and it wont matter because the camera intelligently blends in all those images taken in the likish seconds it takes. Even during daytime, use of night mode gives striking results!

BUT these bad points on the p20pro made me send it back to amazon after my holidays with it:

-40mpx with no zoom! and weird aspect ratio (too narrow)

-10mpx is the only other res and is too little!

-zoom is unuseable because super unfluid! Plus the megazoom takes ages to kick in when full zoom extension is reached (you have a pixelly pic for like 3s and THEN the fine details appear abruptly.)

-Video stabilisation was not good on mine with a very unnatural warping/blurring effect

pee title says:

rx100 vl win!!!!

Ash says:

Ahem the p20 pro does that need to be "really really still"

vanderslagmulders says:

I agree that in most pictures the Sony provides more detail but the p20 looks good, is waterproof and you'll always carry it with you.

XtraDreamLantern17 says:

1:41, P20 Pro isn't picking up any detail because the photo is out of focus. You could've noticed it right away if you look at it, it's freaking obvious sir.

Lollee Sparklez says:

I prefer the natural looking photos

Magnus Rönnkvist says:

A number of user issues in this video such as the AI mode which should be kept off and if you want to do a fair comparison you should shoot RAW with both devices, apply a generic editing profile and then compare side by side. From experience i can say that the P20 Pro performs a lot better than this video shows. You should know your gear before you review it.

Marco Marcon says:

Well, it's not even close. I'm disappointed, I was planning on buying the P20 pro purely for its photo performance

Morris Getman says:

@1:40 the P20 is clearly out of focus, so the lack of detail has nothing to do with the sensor in this particular case.

라사 says:

Sony rx100 VI…looks like it's not the best in low light compared to previous generations

Rosa Cassanova says:

Sony destroyed huaewi p20 pro all the way

Eric Liu says:

Well, the biggest problem of this comparison is 1. you should use night mode of P20 Pro for night shot. It is handheld-four-second shot. 2. If you want to compare the color accuracy, you should turn off the AI of P20 Pro. Since AI is not about the accuracy of color but outputting a beautiful picture, more pleasing to the eyes. 3. You missed the monochrome pictures.

John Baxter Walker says:

Depends what you want the images for. If you are supplying stock agencies then P20 images just won't cut it. However, if you are just looking for photos to show you friends or put on FB etc then the P20 with it's AI enhancements will give you pretty pictures which will impress non photographic individuals.

Arnel Enero says:

P20 pro is not bad at all. Until you compare it to a real camera like the RX100. Especially if you need the variable optical zoom and less noise on extreme low light. And the real bokeh. And other adjustments that you can do only on real cameras.

Mustapha Mus says:

All what i know is the p20 pro much better than iphone xs max 1000000$

Vignesh P says:

I always do color correction!!! Even in Mark 5 !!!!At-least a small Color punch or Exposure or Highlight or shadow Etc. Natural look?? You might ask . But Most of the time Every pic need a Human Touch. You cant deny that!!! I believe that the DEVICE which produce High Details/Clarity is the winner. We can add the AI color or effect on post production but if the Color or effect appeared in pre-production then the pic will become Useless!!! If any body disagree !!! Please reply with your Statement!!!!
I Repeat i believe every Pic need a Human touch!!!1

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