SIGMA UK unbox therapy of the new SIGMA fp Camera

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Special unboxing of the new SIGMA fp Camera by the SIGMA UK camera ambassadors Paul Monaghan, Karl Holtby, and Lea Tippett.

Filmed by DOD Media

Camera A: Sony a7iii + SIGMA 14-24mm F2.8 DG DN | Art lens
Camera B: Sony a6500 + SIGMA 56mm F1.4 DC DN | Art lens
Light: Aputure 120D + Light Dome


Tim Gallo says:

This whole video feels like a charity video. Giving this poor guys with old gear – a new toy. Omg, its a weather-resistant blanket… now I can sleep on the streets warmer. I hope you presented it to them. Not just gave them to touch it.

Tim Gallo says:

"First time I ever had a camera with touch screen focusing". Where did they find this guys? Traveled them from 1960s? lol. You never touched a screen on your iphone with camera!? Lol. As much as I am excited for this camera I am also a little disappointed in this video.
Camera looks bigger than expected…and suddenly it reminded me about abandoned sony rx1.

Fellow Citizen says:

Beautiful <3 I'll get to the L mount eventually…!

Bruce Doan - MyLifeIn4K says:

Video sample ?

Go Kitroon says:

Tell battery life about

Jianan Du says:

can't wait!

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