Sigma SD Quattro Camera Review – Quite affordable and very special

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This is a modern mirrorless camera with an APS-C sized sensor. But its also so much more than that.This camera is truly unique. And without breaking the bank.

Damian Browns review:

You can buy it here:
Sigma SDQ + 30mm,
Sigma SD Quattro H,

Video recorded with:
Fujifilm X-Pro2,
Fuji 23mm f2.0,
Manfrotto Befree,


Music: ”Faded War”, Josh Woodward.


Damian Brown says:

Legend!!!!!!!!! Thanks a lot man, that was super kind. (Gonna finish the video before the next bit!)

Really enjoyed this video, all round quality review and not to mention the recommendation which has made my day! (technically it's now Thursday so that's me set!)

ian ball says:

Looks natural in the colours. Not bad. Maybe they can now go to the next stage and make a better one and even a full frame. But the mount. Well what can i say. Its like your using a 2x teleconverter it sticks out that much. .not good if your fitting a long lense to it ie 300mm or a zoom 70- 200.

David Eastwood says:

I've been viewing and re-viewing your Sigma videos for weeks now. DP? Quattro? Merrill? SD? What to do, what to do….

Now, Sigma SD Quattro kit on order. I firmly believe that it, and I, will get on very well together.

Thank you, Mattias.

Colin Gajewski says:

As a low-volume, considered photographer, the SD Quattro works well for me. The colour accuracy of a Foveon sensor is astonishing.

Grahamm5790 says:

Ok so I got this camera and the auto focus is not slow at all. It’s faster than a Sony a7 but not as fast as a xt1. It’s the constant auto focus it’s not great at. Wildlife would be great with this camera but in testing birds and animals. Iso ok so 100 is the best but I took some indoor photos of my kids at 200 and 400 in black and white and they look amazing. If you want the fasted camera to just fit fire and let it do everything in auto for you than this is not for you. If you like to think about what your doing and make a photo it’s great. Much faster than an a7 mk1 or Rx1

Leonard Norwitz says:

Nice review. I have the Quattro-H. Love it. Learned a few things here I didn't know. Thanks.

Seriously annoying music. My advice: Lose it.

Michael Bruchas says:

Did not know about the IR filter….as an owner of several Sigma primes – and loving them – the Quattro is of interest to me….

Michael Bruchas says:

A Sigma field rep told me that the Sigma digital cameras were built as a promise to the late founder of Sigma by his son. Sigma loses money on every Quattro that the Company sells…he said – think of this as a landscape shooter’s camera.

RewDowns says:

Can you use Canon EF lenses on any of the Sigma cameras?

FractalBuilder says:

How do the colors compare to that of Sony? I also would be interested in Fuji, if you have any info. Great video BTW

Jarif Ahmed says:

Someone send me this camera ASAP ;_; broke af 🙁

Jimmy a Geek says:

SD1 is Still Better!

Prabij Shrestha says:

This camera is seducing me

Michael McMullen says:

Ahh, I'm trying to save up for a medium format camera. STOP TEMPTING ME!

ayush gupta says:

You’re the Watchfinder channel equivalent in cameras man. Such beauty in your shots and as always so vintage, soft and clean

Daniel Vazquez says:

That Doggie is the best model I’ve seen so far this year, he or she is beautiful! Sooo photogenic!!!
Great review by the way! Thanks.

Anonymous says:

I think I just found my artsy fartsy film-esq camera to use with my Panasonic Lumix production cameras. I'm a food and restaurant photographer. This camera seems to add character to photos I have to work hard to replicate in Affinity Photo when shooting on my G85 and G9. Great review and Damian's was good as well. Together they provide a great look into a camera I never would have considered.

Not to mention, the studio on a tripod the weight of this camera is not a concern at all. What intrigues me most is using it for street photography. I just subscribed to your channel because of this video.

James Noodle says:

I'm excited to see what they do for their full frame foveon due this year

James Noodle says:

I was reading a lot about how the Quattros are kinda hated by foveon fans cause they have interpolation… Unlike the merrills

Arno Brinkman says:

Recently got into the Sigma game with a Sd Quattro. Great videos Mattias!!

Laurence Goldman says:

Good intro.I would be very interested if you did an in depth comparison video of the Foveon sensor cameras. e.g. the SD15, the SD 1 Merrill, vs this Quattro. AND the fixed lens iterations. I have just chosen the DP3 Merrill as my first dip into these waters. I feel the color and color space (if you know what I mean) is noticeably superior with the Merrills vs Quattro. And it's possible the ILC SD15 is better than the the SD 1 Merrill-more of that film intangible. If you're willing to stick these things on a tripod and slow shoot, shoot ISO 100/200, I'd pick these Foveons over Canonikon pro. They also expose the ridiculousness of Fuji color, and Sony non-color (a pet peeve). Thanks for breaching the subject.

Daniel Chan says:

Thanks for the recommendation, I got a used kit with the 30mm and the only 85mm 1.4 in SA mount that I could find here in Hong Kong. I am having such a great time waiting for the pictures to process, it really made me slow down to plan my shots, the image quality is so awesome, I am loving the Sigma sensor! Learned so much from your channel about interesting cameras that wont break the bank, I now have my eye on the DP0 after watching your video on the DP3. Best review channel ever!

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