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Time for 2 more amazing cameras to go head to head – the Sigma FP and Panasonic S1H! Can the stripped-down Sigma compete against the all-encompassing Panasonic? Watch to find out!

Sigma FP

Panasonic S1H

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Sigma FP

Panasonic S1H

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Jay P. Morgan has been working as a Commercial Photographer and Film Director in the Los Angeles area for more than 20 years developing an impressive list of clients from Paramount to McDonald’s. Jay P.’s experience with elaborate set design and extensive lighting are key to the success of his illustrative work.

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Ray Trout says:

To complain about the Sigma from an ergonomics perspective shows you are NOT qualified cinematographers. It’s a crash cam, POV cam, jib cam… it’s a photo cam to literally one credible youtuber. To everyone else, it’s a brain to attach lenses and riggings to. Please stick to photography.

Ray Trout says:

Gentlemen. Please. Don’t present yourselves as video experts. You SKIPPED the S1H at 4000 ISO. It is by nature a DUAL-ISO sensor! WAY less noise at 4000 than 3200. Tell me you didn’t already know that.

Willie Salati says:

Wow sigma is trying to prove its worthyness in the camera.

Willie Salati says:

Hi I love your works….. Please would you do a comparison with black model. Dark skin

Richard James Milne says:

What about a Video comparison between the S1H, RED & ARRI 🙂

Ira Rather says:

Long-time DSLR-er…first time cine-er. (Okay, I know that’s incorrect English.)

And I recently bought two fp rigs for my son and me, to learn together.

Not only are the 4k 12bit raw clips stunning, the low light sequences are awe inspiring. More important, Sigma simply hit a nerve…a large market…of still shooters who want to get into serious cine, but still don’t really know what we’re doing. We’re certainly not pixel inspectors, to put it bluntly. Everything about the fp just seems more idiot-friendly to us.

Add the fact that we can use all of our old glass via an inexpensive adaptor, and we’re on this camera like white on rice at its great price point.

Nothing succeeds like success, and I think Sigma’s sales figures are going to show this.

vastu vivaldistudio says:

Test no 1; is there an nd filter on S1H?

CB says:

Shasta is lovely.

Anteneh Adamu says:

Hey guys, so there are some things left out in this video,it happens. But here are few things to consider in regards to the FP. If sigma continues to fix the camera through firmware updates,the FP will be very good and capable Camera. Read below.

1. As of right now you cannot playback the cinema DNG footage, there is a firmware update looming around in the near future that will address this and give us LOG maybe sometime in the Spring.
2. The flickering still shows up sometimes even after the firmware update. I'm sure they will nail this though.
3.There is no IBIS and autofocus is not that great at the moment, you will need some kind of gimbal.
4. The first party accessories are on the expensive side.
5. There is a setting that will allow you to change the aprature and shutter speed in cinema mode. But the D.O.F and exposure preview in the stills mode is inconsistent especially in low light scenarios.
6.You will need an SSD to capture In cinemaDNG 12bit or an Atmos Ninja V to capture Appel Prores 422 10 bit,there will be an update to record raw through HDMI so thats cool.
7.While not terrible, the FP does have rolling shutter and because of the type of sensor it will occasionally show moire patterns.
8. While the menu system can be troublesome in the beginning, you will get used to it pretty fast. Also there is a quick selection button you can assign custom options in addition to the physical buttons on the body.

Mr Jon Kane says:

Great comparison! Quick question though… regarding the flickering in the shadows… did you have the latest Firmware on the fp? It was released in November but you still need to update on the camera when you get it. Should be 1.01 and as per release notes “The firmware will correct the phenomenon whereby shooting in the Cinema DNG format, depending on the ISO sensitivity the level of the dark area changes for each frame.” see here:

Xavier Munch says:

thank you ! I was really looking forward to be the true replacement of my old BMPCC and the colors looks great, but from your test I get that I should probably wait for the mark 2, right ? (or to see what a potential alpha 7 S IV would offer… ? 😀 )

truckin3030 says:

Your model looks like Sadie Robinson from duck dynasty.

LuxShots Films says:

Can you take flash photos with the Sigma FP since it doesn't have a mechanical shutter?

M A says:

Thanks! Speaking of flickering- whats is the firmware version of Sigma FP you used?

Carlo Carnevali says:

Well, you should also consider that the sigma costs less than half of the S1H…

Nobody seemed to care, but the price alone makes all of my other doubts disappear.

Дмитрий Субботкин says:

Thanks.Great work guys!!!

krishnan srinivasan says:

I don't know… How can we compare when Sigma FP lens doesn't have a filter & Panasonic S1H lens has one. ? . Correct me if I was wrong.


I wish everyone did camera comparisons like this.

Colin Gregg says:

I think the fp will only get better and more stable with future firmware. I’m amazed that it nearly held its own with a Netflix approved camera. It certainly had better colour. This camera shouldn’t be dismissed so quickly.

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