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Check out our Sigma fp review with sample footage! See why the world’s smallest and lightest full frame mirrorless camera created by Sigma has become one of the hot new things to hit the market and filmmakers are excited.

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We took this powerful pocket camera to South Pointe Park on Miami Beach and we put it to the test, here are our first thoughts for this Sigma release.
Even though the Sigma fp looks pretty simple, this thing can take many forms with all the accessories you’re able to mount on it making it super versatile and fun to play with.
Here are some features for this Sigma Camera:
– Robust & lightweight aluminum body; Dust- and- splash-proof structure
– Supports UHD 4K/24, 25 & 30 fps; Supports 12-bit Cinema DNG
– Full-time electronic shutter; Continuous shooting up 18 FPS
– Face/Eye Detection AF; HDR Shooting

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– Adam


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Project 2501 says:

Sorry, but lately I only see these half assed reviews of new gear that basically don't show anything relevant. What about the alleged 12bit video capability? What about studio shots with lighting or some more images which are not grey in grey? What about lenses? What about rolling shutter when filming? What about the mounting possibilities that camera offers? What about features compared to other cameras? Is it nice and basic or is there playful stuff on it for beginners? What is the target market for this, is it worth while for professional use? What about, what about, what about…!?

This is not worth a thumb up – I need more infos which you have easily have presented to us.

Dasa Auto says:

No in-camera 10-bit option makes this look really limited. My BMPCC can give me 1080p 12-bit raw in-camera, but do it with 13 stops of DR and a much, much more robust color workflow. 🤷‍♂️

G Mercer says:

The Youtube video will no longer play. is it broken?

k pax41 says:

Это не тест а вода.

a w says:

Thanks so much. Are there any touch screen functions that don't have a button control you need when shooting? My concern is with that viewfinder mounted you can't touch the lcd screen.

GastonSPhoto says:

I'll stop to check it out

Ballenita Bicolor says:

What adapter are you using in the presentation?

TheShogunBlade says:

12.5 stops dynamic range… is that a Sony A7 mark 2 sensor reused by Sigma?

GaleriaPuntoCiego says:


Rick S says:

What is the range of diopter adjustment on the viewfinder? (minus to plus what?)

Takuan says:

How does one take footage with a serious camera that has no viewfinder and no screen articulation?? Hold it like a phone in bright daylight? One needs a lot of additional scaffolding in order to make it work somehow, which defeats its small footprint. No IBIS, contrast AF, electronic shutter only with all its nasty side effects (banding, artefacts in some lighting conditions). Video panning exhibits strong 'jellow' effect. No flash hot shoe. AF performance not on par with other FF cameras. The only thing that I like is its form factor. I am looking at SIGMA's next edition and hope they address the issues I mentioned.

Reel Hooking says:

Great video as always

MrV2u says:

I can’t wait for the Sigma PF Chang version to drop.

Markus Kesares says:

What about the autofocus? Other first looks showed clips with terrible slow and pumping autofocus. Has that been addressed?

pawan kumar says:

Footage looks stunning, specifically dynamic range , excellent option for travelers and enthusiasts who want light and quality as well

Sam Fisher says:

This review was super basic. Pics were basic with more footage of u than test footage. Description of cam was basic. U didn't even show us the buttons or say how the camera felt. I know just as much about the cam as i did when u started=not much.

Jim Bailey says:

Thank you Digital Goja

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