Sigma fp Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera | First Look

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Sigma just announced their first full-frame mirrorless camera, the fp. We’ll walk you through some of the features of this new camera, including the 24.6mp full-frame sensor, the cine and stills modes, and available modules that enable customization.

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B&H Photo Video says:

What are your first impressions of the Sigma fp?

Tom Kamín - Videoprodukce says:

All I need is a evf for this. Please sigma please! I can't use this for stills if it don't have one

Teodor Nastase says:

lost me at bayer sensor

MilesBellas says:

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MilesBellas says:

pre order

Tk Tk says:

Menu options looks user friendly than sony 🙄

Julian Mosbach says:

It kinda feels like they made the same mistake as Canon with the c-series.
One very overpowered codec and one that's of very limited use only.
(prores would have been nice)
Also how much will it be?

H4n Mil says:

sigma cameras had been quite sucky on af speed n noise though. can this be better?

All Black Everything says:

Lost me at contrast af.

Kaver Jordan Kharbteng says:

This this the coolest most versatile camera I've seen so far!

Mobile Filmmaking says:

I need to see some footage

Shang-Hsien Yang says:

It doesn't have a mechanical shutter, why would people want a flash on it?
It seems like a powerful video option though. says:

Sony should take notes…. And, Sigma 45 looks very attractive, so compact, nice.

emefka.bewegtbildmanufaktur says:

Mh – no headphone-jack. Not professional enough without.

Walker Hicks says:

This is very interesting, the external included hotshoe makes me smile. ZCam and Blackmagic have some competition.

Toon TV says:

This just got me so excited for this camera! Thank you B&H! Would love to see it compared to something like the Zcam E2 or the BMPCC6K since they're all in a decently similar price range and this seems like a mirrorless camera that has more cinematic features than your traditional mirrorless.

jakob tbc says:

Looks like a very nice camera overall, but it seems like it doesn't have a viewfinder? Also no words about the image quality, I am pretty sure this thing will get a lot of attention but probably mostly from instagramers and youtubers, but neither from dedicated still shooters nor from dedicated filmers.

Glenn Guiao says:

Looks like the Argus brick camera

auomauom says:

cool internal features but looks like it'll be a pain to hold in the hand

Milan Dzunda says:

This is not even available and already video camera first and doesn.t do 4k60p.huge flop.maybe next gen but this is lame attempt Sigma.Stick with lenses please.

Albert Arason says:

Wait this isn't Overwatch…

Bigotes Bigotes says:

Ergonomics? It doesnt have any

plre says:

Seriously, a dedicated button for jpg picture profiles is now a thing worth the excitement?

Taras Yarema says:

Best grip on the market!!!!!

GrumpyMan's REVIEWS says:

Waiting to see the image quality

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