Sigma 85mm F1.4 DG DN Art Review

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The Sigma 85mm F1.4 Art lens is fast, compact and affordable – and it delivers great image quality. Watch our review to learn more! Full resolution sample images from this episode:

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Nicolas K. says:

2:04 BIG fan of this sample photo timing.

Hello Mikee says:

Portraits stopped down in a real world situations? I don’t get it lol. What’s the point of all these fast lenses then? I want to see how a 1.4 performs at 1.4. One eye focused and all. Not 2.8. But I guess that’s just me. If you are paying 1.4 prices to shoot at 2.8, you are doing life wrong. Periodt.

Jacob Christiansen says:

"Classic CA", makes it sound fancy

Momchil Yordanov says:

5 years ago they promised us mirrorless cameras will result in smaller lenses. It took some time, but here it is! Look at the Samyang primes for Sony. Or the Tamron zooms. Or this one.

Micha Rudolph says:

Hey Guys, I do like you and reviews that much, that I can’t even not wait until end until liking the video 😅

Rhawi Dantas says:

"fairly husky adult male"
cuts to jordan

V PR says:

I've got me covered with a batis 85 1.8. IS + weather sealing.

Utzly Gutzly says:

Thanks for yet another very entertaining and detailed review.
The lens looks great, only I see this review just a month after I purchased the Sony 1.8 one…
I certainly don't regret but if something happens to that lens you convinced me to switch…

Øyvind Holmstad says:

Wow! Looks like a nice place to move:-) Here's everything destroyed by wind power plants, and now they even lay down a new fiber cable between Norway and North America, so that you can build huge data storage centrals in Norway to store your Instagram files with renewable energy in caves in the Norwegian mountains, covered with wind turbines above:

Ville Mononen says:

Sigma finally starting to make smaller lenses, watch out! Stunning lens, just absolutely stunning! I enjoyed all of the pictures and that says a lot. Also, THIS back-lit portrait @ 8:35, wow… Talk about stunning all the way through this review…

Mikkel Storm Hansen says:

What is Toneh?

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