Sigma 24-70mm F2.8 DG DN Art Hands-on Review

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The Sigma 24-70mm F2.8 DG DN lives up to Sigma’s ‘Art’ standard, giving first-party lenses for E-mount and L-mount a run for their money. We put it to the test and came out impressed.

See our Sigma 24-70mm F2.8 Art sample gallery (including RAW files!):

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Himanshu Dixit says:

The one which we were all waiting for!! Thank you DPReview.

mohamed abdallah says:

Please recommend a photo camera for the family, trips and events, it is better than a mobile phone, knowing that I am not a professional photographer


Great work again guys. I love it. Can you all do a video about astro photography? I would like to learn about photographing the moon and the milky way. Can you all also do a video on photographing planets through telescopes?
Thanks in advance!

Paul Bourdin says:

Definitively, I like so much that old leather jacket Jordan is wearing…!!! 😃👍

colton cyr says:

Let me tell you Nikon won't be able to compete because Z mount is so limiting!

Marc B. says:

Thanks for a solid review. The Tamron 24-70mm has been a workhorse that comes mostly when I need something faster, but Tamron's primes leave a bit to be desired compared to the Sigma Art line.

normk58 says:

I have this lens for Nikon F mount. I use it with my D750, and it is fantastic. I also have the 18-35 f/1.8 for my D7200, another great lens.

projectgoatse says:

Llllllllllllllll moooounnnnntttttt alliancccccccceeeee

Tom Cass says:

Wow all the snow. When did you shoot this, a month ago?

R Hogarth says:

Personally, I would rather have a 24-105 for the extra reach even if it means I give up a stop in the aperture from f/2.8 to f/4.0. If I was in the market for an f/2.8, however, this looks like it would definitely be a leading contender.

johnsward66 says:

Your inaccurate preamp shootout causes doubts concerning the veracity of your other product recommendations. Accurate testing would require a sample size of at least five bodies per camera model in order to establish a baseline. That’s how you avoid a single defective unit, completely invalidating your results. Bad show all around….

CODER QN says:

Good to see you shoot objects other than twigs. Great review as always.

Bananas and Bass says:

Ok, so the focus breathing is minimal. Nice. How about par-focal like performance? Does it get anywhere close? @jordan

Piero Monteverde says:

The question is whether it is sharper than the GM … and it is at 24mm, specially stopped down. At 70mm they are comparable unless wide open where the GM is better. Stopped down, the Sigma is sharper but I would NOT say way sharper: in my chart testing, it is noticeable sharper but not by a lot.

ire says:

already have two art lenses, now i'm thinking of adding a third to my collection 😀

Dag Hellem says:

Chris, your city drawings are really ok! Though a tad underdeveloped.

Brett Putman says:

Wonderful intro shot. Made me laugh.

Austris Photo says:


VFX Todd says:

I have to say as a film maker, I find the topic of corner sharpness to be a very central theme for photographers. But, for movies, your audience will be mostly looking in the middle area of the screen, not in the corners. If your audience is watching your movie and looking at the corners, that says more about your film and less about the image you captured. Just a thought. Great review. I'm a big fan of Sigma glass.

Juan Cruz Chacama says:

welcome dprewiuteveviers

Mike Lindup says:

Brrr! Nice review guys, given current limitations. Traded in my Sigma 24-105 EF mount (used with MC-11 on Sony E) for a Voigtländer 40mm manual prime last year, which I adore, but miss the practicality, versatility and image quality of that zoom (if not it's slow focussing), so this lens looks like a great replacement for the future.

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