Should I Buy the Fujifilm X-T3? [Fuji XT3 Review]

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People say the Fuji X-T3 is one of the GREATEST and MOST POWERFUL aps-c cameras on the market. In this Fuji Xt3 Review, I talk about my FIRST-HAND EXPERIENCE with the X-T3 over the past few weeks. We’ll go over the Good, The Bad, Who should buy the X-T3, and I’ll show you examples of my experience(Video and Photo).

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Dunna Did It says:

What do you think of the Fujifilm X-T3? Is it enough to make you switch or upgrade?

Vikingdescendent says:

5:57 chk your settings.

Digant Surti says:

I have a gimbal so it isn't a deal breaker for me.

Samson Blay says:

Looooved this video! Just Got my own Fujifilm X-T3 and this video is part of the reason. I actually did a video with my first impression of the camera, and I gotta day, I was surprised. I’ve used canon my whole photography life, but it’s always felt like the shoe didn’t quite fit right with me. The style and feeling of canon just wasn’t my cup of tea. Now the shoe finally fits and I feel more motivated than ever, with my Fuji xt3.

Aneeta says:

Ahhh so glad I found this video, I only discovered this camera recently and have been debating on saving up for it!! Currently have the 80D which I still love and feel like this would be awesome to have too

Alvin Rodney says:

Dunna, what about the camera's battery performance? Does it outlast the A6500?

Jigar Rajgor says:

Now that a6600 is announced, which one would you recommend? And why? Thanks!

Karl Gutowski says:

"I'm not switching to XT-3 because it has no IBIS" – All Sony a6400 Users

907 CHANNEL says:

It needs a stabilized sensor and a power zoom lens similar to Sony 18-105 pz

ankit deo says:

Between sony a6500 and X- T3 who would you recommend for taking pictures ( both quality and ease of use)?

ankit deo says:

Hey wat software you use for editing ? Those still images looked awesome.

Gary Brown says:

Warning if you have large hands do not buy it

Osakattack says:

what is the point of the amazing video if theres zero stabilisation. Come on man I cant take every shot on a huge tripod

Oleg Vorkunov says:

I would pay extra just for 10bit video. Hate video quality of A6500 even in 4K. A lot of color bending. Trying to sell my A6500 which I got a couple month ago. Unfortunately I have tons of e-mount lens (5), which I would have to sell, since there is no adapter for e-mount lens for Fuji mount.

ArgentoRAWRz says:

Sony is just a media brand making gadgets for amateurs and wannabe photographers cause its easier to make photos with sony gadgets than with real cameras like Fuji, Nikon, Canon, Pentax, Leica and so on, which are real camera brands.

Cedric Amorosi says:

Great video
I find this camera just amazing.
I do have the X-t20 and just ordered this one.
For photo, it is awesome and for video, just need to combine it with Zhiyun gimbal and you have the perfect setup.
Good for traveling.
I tested different camera with IBIS for video and honestly without gimbal, it is very complicated to get stable footage (depends of course of what you are doing).
For me I would prefer the small size of the x-t3 without the IBIS than the GH5 for example.
Nevertheless, if for you IBIS is mandatory, just wait for the X-H2 😜

Arvid Kracht says:

Nice review! But i disagree on the price. This thing competes with the gh5/s , a73, nikon Z etc.. And i think they don' t beat this xt3 on the image quality. The lenses are also very cheap and very good. Its lightweight. This is the best camera on a gimbal.. The only downside, is the recording limit and the battery life.

prosteven1 says:

Hi Dunna.

I find myself with the same dilema as others.. a6500 or XT3… i can get both around the same price with a kit lens.

I’m just learning photography and mostly looking for good still pictures for traveling, low light performance, some videos but not much ( mostly family gatherings and stuff like that ).

Taking away the price difference and putting them next to each other which one do you recommend for my needs?


Shantanu Mishra says:

Xt3's video quality even beats bmpcc 4k on some occasions.. and fuji colors just never dissapoint.. infact once you start liking fuji colors nothing seems tp be good enough. A youtuber was saying that fujifilm is like a religion. I havnt even started shooting but I already love that cinematic color feel.. and that retro camera style..

vargheese david says:

sony has ugly colors, almost looks dull and dead also it is sharp as my girlfriends vision, it sees everything crystal clear penetrate into the soul

Stephen Holman says:

I'm sure others have said so already, but you can change the Focus speed.
You mentioned it as a negative that the camera's focus during video is too "snappy". There's an option to change the focus speed.

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