Shot on iPhone 11 Pro: Video Camera Test and Review

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The new iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max upped the ante in the phone camera game with a total of three lenses. With improved video stabilization, extra focal length and better performance in low light do they do enough to earn the name Pro? CNET video producer (and crusty skate rat) Nic Henry took the iPhone 11 Pro Max through the streets of New York to find out.

Special thanks to Derek Holmes. Check him out: @4_diamondlife

Read the full, in-depth review of the iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max on CNET:

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Nic Henry says:

Thanks for watching, everybody! Now name your favorite skate video and it can't be from THPS.

I gotta go with Welcome to Hell.

Peter Jolly says:

awesome review. Brilliant stuff CNET.

Professor EDM says:

We gonna act like dude wasn’t checkin that girl out at 1:39 ?😂

Gfam Vlogs says:

You should use LumaFusion for on phone editing

Devansh Jangid says:

I'm not an Apple sheep, but iPhones record REALLY nice videos…. Wish Android catches up real soon….


My note 10+ much better

mEtAlMaNiAc787 says:

i had the iPhone xs max but decided it wasn't worth it back to my 7 plus lol

MICH says:

Apple's night mode turns everything daylight, that's not how you do night mode, Huawei does it better.

Khaira Faiq says:

Nic Henry really looks like caleb from moment tho:)

A Sam says:

He looks professional. Excellent for your image.

Anjolo Tumaclas says:

Really awesome review man! But I thought the camera would be even better. I don't know what you are using to film in your studio. But the noise is significant less.

appleamerica1 says:

Superb review 10/10 lots of love from kerala India

allemander says:

You paid $9. too much for those sunglasses.

Saurabh Bhatia says:

Best CNET video ever!

John Truth says:

iPhone sucks!

Mitchell Mckenzie says:

Read iPhone 11 screen scratches easily want upgrade but I’m concern about screen scratches

Kyle R says:

Night mode on video… now there's an idea. Maybe the Pixel 4 will deliver

Miggggggie says:

Hey man you’re awesome- I’d watch a lot more of you not in a weird way.. great work.

ds99 says:

Thank you for the kiss. That was hot. Also I loved your phone/camera review. The videos were absolutely breathtaking. Very realistic and I would guess it came from a very expensive 4K camera.

No_Minds_Land says:

This guy should review camera phones all the time..

Thiha Kyaw Thar says:

Nick reminds me of Caleb from Moment 😂

George Vivanco says:

It’s Leo Romero! …without the skills 😕

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