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My unboxing, review and picture/video quality test of SEREE HD Digital Camera Camcorder Full HD 1080p 24.0 Megapixels 4x Digital Zoom 3 Inch LCD Screen Flashlight. Model number is HDV-SG2-CAF. Available on Amazon Canada for $139.99 at the time of this video.

Of What’s Left (2nd Edit) by rsf
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Anthony says:

lmao it's awful

lilmizzcurious says:

Ive seen another video of this camera and the pictures are really good high quality but the highest resolution for video recording is standard, however in this video we have not been told what settings hes used for this camera pictures and videos so it maybe low resolution ones, check out other videos of this camera before just settling on this one review 🙂

lucajo16 says:

Thanks for the review. The one i saw on amazon says it supports 52mm lenses. Would adding an external lens to this do any bit of advantage? I plan to buy a vlogging camera i just dont know what im getting just yet. Thanks in advance

Sean PH says:

Can microphone be installed???

Clark D. says:

Can I have that?

king duran says:

Im planning to buy one . I think its good and cheap thnks for the review

La negra says:

Is this camera actually good?

Bob Boumstein says:

Do not buy this POS it does not work worth a darn, YiuTube will not upload this format. CRAP

Clarencio says:

does this shoot in 60 fps?

Hasan Rasheed says:

Can you add a extraa lense on it

Lyrical says:

did u try switching the quality around I seen in another video that u can

Andy's Dog House says:

Thanks. I don't want to waste my $$ on junk.

Saucyyy J says:

Minw not cutting on

David Graham says:

1080p my arse

Cameron Meikle says:

hehee, gotta love the little teensy square in the middle of the nice, big, fake lens!Look at the middle of the square and marvel at the 1/16"circle in there, that is the real size of this lens! This is a cheap cellphone lens mated with a toy plastic camera body, I believe there are key fob and usb key cameras with the same lens/ sensor combo… A real camera uses large glass for a reason- to bring in more light, mostly, but it also helps for bokeh…

Best-Gamer White says:

Hey my camera won’t turn on I left it on the charger overnight and I put both batteries in it’s still not turning on

Aaleiyah Vlogs says:

Thank you for saving me money

Daniel Pranks 27 says:

Can you send me one

VitehTM says:

The bright of the video is high

Clyde Cash says:

Yepp…seree cameras are bad. I regret buying mine. lol

Teodor Vlogs says:

Can u make a wind screen to IT?

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