Sena 10C Pro Bluetooth Headset & Camera Review

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Sena 10C Pro Bluetooth Headset and Camera Review

Sena’s do-it-all 10C just got better. Now equipped with Bluetooth 4.1, this WiFi enabled comms unit and camera is packed into a unibody design. The camera’s capable of 1440p QHD video with 3.7MP still shot image capture, or 1080p:60fps/1440p: 30fps so you can capture all the action. On the communication side, the Bluetooth intercom works up to 1.6 kilometers (1.0 mile) in open terrain. Additional features include voice prompts, Smartphone Camera and Headset App for iPhone and Android, Advanced Noise Control, and simple operation with Sena’s versatile Jog Dial. An optional Handlebar Remote support is sold separately. The Sena 10C is water resistant for use in inclement weather.


great cesars ghost says:

Let’s say you have rider /pass and they each have a Sena unit can they independently listen to music and still talk to each other. ??

radlmora says:

Hi, helmet brand? I like it, thanks

Tony Parker says:

Hello from 🇺🇸Harrisburg Pennsylvania 🇺🇸 I also have a older 10c And just upgraded to 10C pro I do all my editing using my I pad pro 12.9 3rd Generation with a apple cardreader , I can’t get any videos or photos off my New SD cards using cardreader why is that 😡 I’ve tried 5 different microSD cards all the cards works fine with my Go Pro camera 📷 and both DJI DRONES and my Sony camera 📸 works great no issues using my cardreader I only have a Problem with this new SENA 10C pro The old 10C and my The cardreader works fine 😎and whenever I use the SENA app OMG a 2 minutes video takes over 5 minutes to download, to my 3rd generation iPad Pro 12.9 I don’t use a regular computer yes I know the 10c Pro download much faster and works fine on a regular computer 💻 But I’ve through away my old labTop and bought this newer. I pad Pro 12.9 3rd generation 🥺 Anyone please help me use my Cardreader with this 10C pro 📸🛵📸

michael murray says:

Hi i was wondering can you use the Sena 10C Pro on the New Shoie Neotec 2

fernando moran says:

can u hear music and record video at the same time?

whois fegus molaskas says:

Why are you speaking so slowly?

Post Tramatiq says:

Can the 10c pro work with the Sena Savage?

yamahchopper says:

I'm having problems with getting my phone to upload any pictures or videos to my phone or the messenger , I heard there's some settings in my phone that may need to be changed but I don't know where to find it

Notskie says:

What helmet is that?

GSRider says:

Waterproof or water resistant?

yamahchopper says:

How do I hook that camera into my Cena momentum pro inc helmet

Paul Mays says:

Have watched several vid's on this as I am looking for such a set up but the one thing I have noticed that it does not have is Image Stabilization… Every thing else is exactlly what I'm looking for but the image shakiness is a let down…

Kayla Pe says:

Would the older model also work with the phone thru WiFi?

johnny bravo says:

what brand and model is that helmet tho?

Peet Venter says:

Hi Drew,
I'm in the market for a video recorder and headset. Is the 10C Pro the best out there in its class or can you recommend anything else?

Josh Brook says:

You forgot to mention they wont read SD cards. They are garbage!

nzbeeker says:

Can the Sena10c pro be mounted on the right side of the helmet? For those who ride on the left side of the road?

Jordan Eagle says:

great one, what type of helmets that goes easily with this device

Narax says:

Buy a 100 dollar action camera and a cheap small digital recorder. You will save money and have better quality for videos. You don't get the bluetooth but this is a Sena bluetooth so you are not missing much.

Batts says:

can you make voice calls with the 10c pro

Speedytrip says:

3.7MP camara…wow….lol! Brilliant concept but that video quality honestly looks like one of the first GoPros I had…10 years ago. Just cause they call it "HD" doesn't mean it's really HD.

shawnkiller90 says:

sorry but that video quality you showed is equivalant to buying some cheap "chinese/korean" 50 dollar action cam… Cam + a meh mic DOES NOT equal being worth the current price tag…

Robert Wiley says:

I love how these people make this sena 10c Pro seem like it's just plug and play which it most definitely is not. I've had this thing strapped to my helmet for over a week since I purchased it and the camera still will not work. I asked the woman at RevZilla can I buy it install it and use it and that's it which I was answered, "absolutely". There's nothing I hate more than being lied to. Especially with all the unappreciated money I've spent in that store. I need a refund, now!!

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