Sena 10c Evo Motorcycle Camera Review – A big improvement on the Pro?

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I tested the 10c Pro in 2018 and the feedback was mixed. Has the inclusion of 4K video and a sleeker design elevated the 10c Evo? Does it cut the mustard for motovlogging?

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Cotti says:

Nicely reviewed Tony, can clearly see the difference too 👍🏻

Bartonboy says:

Good review, thanks Tony. Battery life still an issue though for a lot of people?

Mark Daws says:

I have a 10c Pro. Can you use existing attachments for the Evo?

joeldude1 says:

Great work! I have the 10c and am so very happy with the upgraded Evo 10c…everything yuo said was spot on dude! Thank you ;_)

tattooedveganbikerdude says:

If only they added the ability to change the battery on the go it would be a perfect solution!

Steve Steve says:

For luddites like me it's perfect, especially as it has joint video/comms. This has always been my worry if I ever wanted to blog. 👍

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