Scrapbooking Your Cruise Memories

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At, we adore to Scrapbook! There are many ways to pull together incredible infect record your trip memories …

Make sure to stuff a thick plastic “memory folder” for keeping your different memory scraps. First day of trip, place it on the counter in a dry location of your cabin. At the end of each day, include all your keepsakes to the folder. Pack it on the leading of your luggage when leaving. When home, all your memory “junks” will certainly be completely dry, unwrinkled, and in an organized folder all set for your usage! After that reuse the folder on your next cruise!

Save every little thing that might add to a memory and place in your “memory folder!” Whether it be a ticket stub, receipt, postcard, little ones’ craft project, room cards, etc. maybe added to a spread in your future cd! Especially the ship’s everyday newsletters will certainly provide best selections of all you enjoyed throughout the cruise!

Pack a wonderful high quality notebook and scrapbook pens to leave near your memory caretaker folder. Encourage each other to document their “faves of the day” each night while waning in the log cabin. Exactly what a fun way to capture ideas while they are fresh. Plus having notes in everyone’s own writing adds a personal touch … specifically if it is a note created by your very first grader!

Take your camera with you everywhere you go … Even merely an excursion to the buffet for lunch could provide a photo-op you won’t wish to miss out on.

Make certain to load undersea cams to capture all your moist and wild experiences on film as well!

You packed those electronic cameras– so take some time for photos! No matter just how bad your group complains each time you get to for the cam, they will certainly love looking back at your narrates later on.

Ask ship staffers and various other guests to take your photos typically … so everyone makes the cd– even the Scrapbooker!

Seek sales brochures and pamphlets stands on the ship. You may locate FREE and COLORFUL web pages revealing in-depth content and images of your ship, expeditions, and ports of call. Take several of each! These can be persisted whole or cropped into scrapbook cds. Pasting these FREE items in your publications will certainly include color and flare without a pricey check out to the scrapbook establishment.

For those die-hards who enjoy to purchase the extras … RESEARCH and STRATEGY AHEAD! Attacked the interest shop before your travel. Many offer whole aisles of boat trip and getaway related sticker labels, documents, and decorations. If you adore it and buy it– remember it throughout the boat trip. Inspect your travel plans. At, we usually locate ourselves making sure we do not miss the images of let’s say “Limbo Night” since we have a Limbo Night Sticker pack waiting at home after the boat trip. It may appear excessive– however those committed scrapbookers will know exactly what we are saying! -Satisfied Scrapping!


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