Samsung WB36F 16MP Compact Digital Camera – White Review

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2454410 – The white Samsung WB36F Compact Camera is a stylish option you can take anywhere. A 16.2MP sensor is paired with a 12x zoom lens to get you close to the action. Connect via Wi-Fi and NFC connectivity as you share your shots with ease. The 3 touchscreen delivers bright, crisp image playback and intuitive control for easy operation.


Mr. Gamer says:

I have its so bad

Jeremy Lister says:

I wish Samsung would get the basics right. A camera is a piece of equipment intended to make visual records of objects and events.
To be able to do this it has to be able to focus. Pretty basic stuff..yes?
This camera has no infinity focus mode, so on two recent 'tasks' it has failed miserably and totally.
Your ONLY choices for focus are 'auto' or you can set it to macro mode.
The first miserable failure is video of an airshow. The camera was set to auto focus mode. Initially, the aircraft was in focus and then for no reason totally de-focused, when I looked at the display, it had decided to go into macro mode. There is no way to override this. The video was useless. Several more attempts gave the same result.
Tonight the moon is full and I tried to take a photo. It was impossible to get the camera to go into infinity focus, so the result was terrible.
OK it's a cheap camera, but I'd gladly sacrifice the bells and whistles of NFC/wireless for a camera that can actually focus !!!
Get it right Samsung!

1 234 says:

Do you use batteries or charge this camera?

The HHBroadcast says:

I bought this from Argos at a Clarence sale for only £54.99!

vera beverley hughes says:

No the WB36F is not a touch screen camera bought one today in argos and the girl who served me couldn't understand why it says touch screen and double checked it and it is not but the catalogue and online says that it is. Very disappointed got a refund.

Seven Laterz says:

I Have this camera and it is really nice and I love it I got it for Christmas

Anthony Durban says:

Not impressed. Poor quality photos.

JayTalksFootball says:

Can you use a tripod on this camera?

Assem Othman says:

the best im getting it for my birthday 😀

Charlotte says:

I have this camera.. Its not touchscreen..

AaronJacko123 says:

Does it have a mic port?

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