Samsung WB250F Digital Camera Review

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Compact cameras are great to throw in your bag and take high quality photo and video without the bulk on a DSLR. How does the WB250F stack up features-wise and is it worth your money?





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Amopro 22 says:

Subscribe can I get a subscribe back

Uriel Martinez says:

What the app u used to connect camera Nd iPhone !??


The amount of times I've wanted to jump on this piece of shit! Only a matter of time before I Do!! FUCKING Hate this joke of a camera. One of the worst items I have ever bought.

Swaid Saleem says:

Very good video.

Handan Yucel says:

Bende bundan var bro

LaTroya Reaves says:

I can't seem to record with audio. Can you please help me?

gilberto firmino says:

quero saber como filmar a noite mais em português , minguem explica direito

Peter Diz says:

its bigger brother the 350F is a little longer zoom at 21x and 16MP and I have to say bloody marvelous camera and can be put on a selfie or a small Manrotto tripod

heftybuttocks says:

You forgot to mention the sound quality and is it mono or stereo?

DiRosaay says:

does it take good pictures in the dark?
does the flash get the faces lol 

roberval tavares says:

please. quais modelos de smartphones suportam os apps? obrigado.

Antonia Jackson says:

oh god, it's reached the point where we measure things in iphones not cms! haha

Yahya Rider says:

Which is best
Wb200 wb250f

kristen nicole says:

Do you know how good the camera is for concerts? and would you need to use flash for a concert?

Broken Nose says:

Hey Alex. Can we use this camera as a webcam?

leftymu says:

Ok, so I got this and videos have no sound at all (and no, the volume is not muted) what the hell's going on and how do I sort this out?

Les JoJo Goodman says:

That zoom was crazy

Romelyn Soriano says:

Thanks… how about the sd memory of it?

Adam F says:

Hey, could you please tell me if this camera is suitable for making YouTube videos in high quality + can you take selfies with it? Chrs 🙂

Matthew Benn says:

great idea to compare with an iphone and great review overall. keep it up 🙂

RPKVids says:

When making a video if you move something close to the lens and don't use the zoom, will it still autofocus?

i am bEnj says:

I am planning in getting this camera probably June. How's the image stabilzer an the battery life? Thanks

Lord Random says:

You should show us what photos it takes at night with and without flash…

Colin Livingstone says:

Great Review.  Thank you.

Jennifer He says:

Hows the camera now ? Has your thoughts change ?
Seems like a great camera. I'm thinking of purchasing since its on sale for only $122 USD now.
Great review btw (:

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