Samsung WB150F Digital compact camera review: Interface and complete features Part 1

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The Samsung WB150F compact digital camera comes with some great features available only on Smartphones till now, and insane collection of filters and effects, and also tries to cover some aspects of the entry-level DSLRs with AP, SP and full manual modes. Only thing of concern is shooting at low-light really brings down the photo and video qualities. Read the full review on


Ryanangelo Soberano says:

Thats the macro button not the portrait.. noob

MHD AMER says:

Wer hat die gleich diese Kamera bitte ich brauche helfen vor diese Kamera

Ian Womack says:

Hi i have the wb150 i took memory card out and after i put it back in it say card locked any ideas how to unlock please


can i reset can i reset my cam its a wb150f

David Owen says:

The language setting somehow got changed to Korean, and refuses to appeals to go English.

060steve says:

"automatic mode P" never has anything more stupid ever been said… ¬_____¬

legojpw says:

This or the 250f?

Martin Sunde says:

Dat intro: hey how are you? Loooool

John says:

jajajajajaja Raj Koothrappali

3bood _B17 says:

is it touch screen or have touch shoot

Ron J. Patterson says:

Very imformative, Thanks, Much better than going thru the manual only

The-Board says:

I saw your battery meter on top right indicating a low battery which reminded me to ask you how many 14-Megapixel photos you can make with a single battery charging. Cheers!

Bakhtiiar Muzakparov says:

funny accent LOL

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