Samsung WB1100F Point and Shoot Camera Review

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Hey guys in this video I will be Reviewing the Samsung WB1100F Camera.

This video is not sponsored by in any way shape or form.

Let me know down below anything that I can do to make the videos better in the future!


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Googly Boy says:

Inpud uotpud nai


Terrible review…

Lynn Engelhardt says:

the camera lens shakes a lot when i zoom in on something even if i am holding the camera completely still

Jessica C says:

I got mine for $50 for 2 cameras without a battery but I got a battery

machado manu says:

pourquoi en 2018 je peux plus me connecter a facebook???


To all people saying this camera Sucks.. Can your camera can pic

maidenHELL says:

I just bought this for $20 at the local food4less parking lot

S_O_T _666 says:

How can I remove the viewfinder ?

Fatih Çetin says:

Where do you shopping ?

Alinu Martinez says:

Good? Yes , no?🤔

Fire Bou says:

How do you use the light when you are recording

Andreia Guerrero says:

Nice review but please DO NOT BUY.


this is the worst camera I've ever purchased.  blurry images and too much noise on videos. so I purchased the Samsung Camera 2 and it was MUCH MUCH. but now upgraded to a Canon EOS Rebel SL2

kendogglhk says:

What's the cheapest these cameras go for?

Ktye Covff says:

I Have The Same Camera [ Samsung WB1100F ] It Work Good.

Zane Wv says:

My camera came with a charger

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