Samsung S20 vs S9 Camera Comparison (Part 2)

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Rajesh Gujjar says:

Hello friend I am from India and i am getting S9 at 245 dollars . Does still it good buying option

Weslei Branco says:

Funny how things don't look that different. Honestly, I can't see any significant difference between these phones.

JSyntax says:

I was hoping for a bit more upgrade in the wide angle department :/ — What y'all think? The S20 seems to process the images to be more saturated/constrast than the s9 and may be sharper around the edges. For me, it's hard to justify the upgrade unless you need telephoto, ultra-wide, and super steady (aka Hypersmooth). I'd love to know your thoughts!


good job mate next use the pro video mode

hienho15 says:

S9 is still good. The only reason to upgrade is the wide angle lens. But save money and go with the s10 instead. The only phone that is worth upgrading to is the ultra, if you seriously have the money for it

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