Samsung S10 Plus Camera Review

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វីដេអូ John Sey:

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heng kaka love says:

So good brother

tha nun says:

video wide angle មានលើ LG យូរហើយ

Pheap Virakphath says:

#ពូជ្រួុញ 👍👍👍

Ngoem Bunly says:

ពូ​ ជួយពន្យល់ 2:56 ផង

chi fu says:

Intro ឡេីងកប់ស៊េរីបង

mith re says:

very well brother

Jm Hi says:

7:21 បងនិយាយ ដួលម៉ែវា😂😂

Bai ChanChav says:


កិម ឡេង says:


CYA Vlogger says:

ពីរនាក់ប្រពន្ធដាក់ភ្លឹបៗៗមិចទេបង😂😂😂😂 (Kidding ទេបង😂😂)

Mr Noreay says:

Khoppp khopp bro😂

Mrr Hacker says:


Vitou Mouey says:

U make me want to buy it 😹

neng neng says:

អ្នក Review Camera vs អ្នក Review Smartphone 🤣😂💖💖💖

MaArt BiBer says:

168sb ❤❤❤❤❤

norn bunchheang says:

I like your video

Pharnith Gamming KH says:

Wow my idol 😊❤👌

Mr Makara says:

ស្រលាញ់ S10

Nicholas Family Fun says:

Pu I use iPhone X to make my Vlog and I want to up great to a better sound I want to use microphone which one do u think better Rode video mic or Movo vxr10 or Boya by-mm1 plz reply to tell me which one is good na pu ohh yeah if u have time just check out me video and give me some feedback cause I wanna know what I need to do to get better wait to hear from u na Pu my inspiration.

Bro Auto Kh says:

ពេញចិត្តណាស់បង តែអត់មាន$$$

Loemhuo Hok says:

Love you, bro. Camera expert!

Khem Bunlong says:

168 subscribe ♥️

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