Samsung S10 Lite Camera Review – Superb Value For Money Smartphone Camera

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Smartphone cameras have evolved so much over the years, and I am curious to see how some of the latest releases perform. I brought the Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite out for some shutter therapy sessions, and was surprised by the camera’s performance. I did enjoy using the S10 Lite’s cameras tremendously, having some impressive shooting capabilities, on paper the cameras can shoot 48MP, has ultra wide angle 12mm macro coverage, a dedicated macro camera and for video recording it can go up to 4K 60p. I did have a few minor complains (not a dealbreaker of course) which I wondered why no other popular and larger tech/gadget reviewers fail to mention.

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Stan Powers says:

Excellent review, as usual, Robin! I'd love to see your review of the iPhone 11Pro – maybe Ming can loan you his! Keep up the great work and happy shooting!

Loren Schwiderski says:

Thanks for the review. Samsung and Google Pixel 4 or even 3a, I am sure render great images. Only concern is privacy, but then again, with the Internet tracking, we are naked to the world anyway. For most users, a $399 to a top line iPhone range of phones will be more than enough camera for their use. I do get a kick out of the people at the butterfly park taking photos of butterflies some twenty of so foot away. I imagine they get something of little orange dots image wise of the Monarch butterflies. New cheaper iPhone is a possibility — news to come on the last day of March. -Loren

Howie Mudge says:

Excellent review as always.

Wah A says:

Hi is it updated to the feb security patch when you were recording this?

Keith Taylor says:

thanks for your blogs can the S 10 shout raw if you have an app

b Tommy Douglas says:

Thanks Robin, my Pixel 4 camera is always with me on my shutter therapy road bike sessions in my city in SoCal. Using a smartphone camera daily whets my appetite to take my Pen F and 17/25/45 little primes out for deeper therapy sessions. You're the Man.

zakázaný Phoenix says:

You know man this phone is very close to price of used aps-c like xt2 xt30 and a6300 it will be great to just try to compare bang to the buck photography wise

The PNW Rider says:

Mobile photography has come so far it’s amazing. Looks like a great phone

Trap Drip says:

Keep it up! Looking forward for more videos from you, don't stop! Would you like to be YouTube friends? 🙂

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