Samsung NX500 Mirrorless Camera – REVIEW

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Steve Nguyen says:

Where do you get this camera for $799?

nick hep says:

So with the video format, a lot of programs won’t open Samsung’s format. However, you can plug the video into Windows’s video editor and export the video which is readable by most video editors!

Juleen Forbes says:

What camera did you use to record the review

MightiestArm says:

It's $1300 now, I'm looking for a more budget friendly camera

Phil Jones65 says:

NX is a dead mount yet ebay prices are super high on this camera erm no thanks!

Niña Panteria says:

How to fix it?

Priskila Rottie says:

what camera did you use taking this video?

riley busse says:

Nixon for sure

Krazy Polak says:

So tell me what you think I should have

Lucien Comedy says:

bloody good!!

light L says:

Great Review, this may sound Simple at first view, but I'm sure that the amount of work accomplished here is impressive. Like Steve jobs said "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication". Keep up the good work

Evolve816 says:

I just subbed…… Just awesome work, I wanna be like you when I grow up. Seriously though, does anyone know if this camera has over heating issues with video recording? 4k or 1080p?

程海力 says:

There's something really wrong with my camera's auto self shot mode. The screen, when flipped 180 degrees facing you, may be able to take selfies. However, when I do this the screen itself doesn't revert the image like its supposed to once it's upside down. Recently it suffered a drop, in which case I replaced the screen myself. I knew what I was doing in opening and replacing very carefully the screen and understanding where the cable needed to go. After I finally had the screen fixed and glued back on the hinge, it worked perfectly. The only thing I couldn't work out was why it wasn't reverting the image. Mind, I did have the auto shot enabled. Does anyone have a clue why this is happening? I've tried really investigating the internet for this mystery but I can't find an actual answer…

MTBdropIN says:

How long can this thing record 4k video for?

Mustafa Ahmad says:

can you shoot or record in black and white ?

Yee Tsun Evina Siu says:

Why are you so good at reviewing cameras … thanks so much man

Jeff Grey says:

appreciate the honest review

Dominexanbarbie27 says:

I love this camera.i think I'll be getting this

Malik kamran says:

where to buy tgis camera

Nestor Freytes says:

Hey man. I would like to buy that camera off of you if possible. I believe they stopped making it and what ever is not bought, the prices are jacked up to $1000 or more which sucks because I was planning on getting this camera for a couple years now. I would be willing to pay $300 for the camera or $400-$450 for everything that came in the box. Nestor Freytes camera Samsung NX500

lindydc09 says:

Hi there. I love your reviews! Wondering if you could make a recommendation? I have a cannon rebel eos SL1 and I have a Nikon coolpix AW120. I am looking for a camera in between those two. I go to a lot of concerts, I travel and I like to hike. I almost purchased the Nikon P900 but after watching your review I decided that might too big to lug around although I love the features it has – excellent zoom, point n shoot, wifi, etc any suggestions? I appreciate any help you might offer

Azizul Huq Bhuiya says:

iPhone 7 plus 256 gb

theoisback says:

Wow, great review. I have had the NX500 well of a year now ,thanks to your review I am learning new things about it.

i_kill_you_u_die 123 says:

Why is there only 4K at 30fps not 60fps

Mr MagicMan says:

what video camera u used to record this? its smooth.

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