Samsung NX Mini Interchange Lens Camera – REVIEW

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Samsung NX Mini interchangable lens camera
Smaller than the NX300m NX2000 and NX30

The item I review is the NX Mini with the 9-27mm lens
Also comes with a seperate flash.




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Mai Balanay says:

I just want to say your audio is so smooth and crisp I could listen for hours

Keny Bunny says:

is this camera still good ? i mean this is 2018…

Alicia Merriman says:

Does it have a tripod mount

han blah says:

your reviews are INCREDIBLE! i’m so impressed

sekbanyk says:

Pardon me if I am being cruel, but whosever hands they are in the video, he definitely needs manicure and cuticle treatment. Please!

Joe Andrei says:

Does this have RAW settings for photos?

Jill Bondoc says:

What camera are you using to film this?

Rae Amor says:

would you recommend this camera today for blogging ?

Achilleas Labrou says:

The Samsung NX mini has its own NX-M lens mount. For the NX-M lens mount there are just three native lenses. A pancake, a kit zoom lens and a portrait lens. However the Samsung offers a NX-M to NX lens mount adapter which permits autofocus with a bigger variety of NX mount lenses. For the NX mount there are many adapters for different lens mounts too.
The Samsung NX mini has the shortest flange distance of any mirrorless camera. That permits with an adapter the use of nearly any lens on this camera.

Jared Kaiser says:

does it have auto focus during video recording ? sorry for the dumb question

Passionate Queen Monica Vlogs says:

Can you video tape or do vlog?

SMGJohn says:

Looks like a really cool camera, I always wanted one but was unsure, I got the NX500 but realised that its not very well suited to keep with you all the time duo to the size of it.

Ivan Haros-Flores says:

Hey guys do you need a lens to be able to take pictures witb this camera? or can it take blury fotos with out the lens?

Alex Rose says:

Can you transfer files using the micro usb port?

TechTo Know says:

Is this camera good even its 2017 already? 😃

mega sari says:

hi, thankyou for ur review about this camera. i'd like to ask you about the lens. my friend just bought this camera a year ago. but there's something strange about the lens in my opinion. the lens cannot find the focus in some of focal length, for example in 9mm and also 27 mm. the lens totally didnt get any focus. we try to reset the setting but it's still the same. my friend said it happened from the very first time she used it. do you feel the same way about your camera and the lens? or its just my friend's camera :/

Spencer says:

Can you plug in a micro phone to this camera?

Mèo Nhõ says:

Máy ảnh có giá bao nhiêu vậy?

MrsRuthie J says:

Hello! Great review.. I also have this camera but was wondering can this camera take a 64g sd card?

Rebecca Downey says:

thank you so much for this review. i am debating over wheather or not i should get this camera for youtubing or not. what do you think about the audio? i like how it has a flip up screen. What camera would you recommend for simple sit down videos at a similar pricepoint?

BeautyBrandy says:

Did it come with the micro card in the package? Or do you need that separately

Rovergamin geek says:

does it record

Monica R says:

I heard this camera freezes a lot! Is it true??? I really want to buy a nice camera. Im not a professional haha but i want one so bad and i really like this one

gabl8a89 says:

This is one of the best samsung camera i have ever used. For an average consumer, like my selfie loving girlfriend, its easy to use. Give it to to a prosumer, Samsung can do streetphotography well with its 9mm prime lens. Now I'm using this with my girlfriend so I can teach her how to properly take a nice shot.

Chloe Foo says:


ShayButter K says:

How do you connect to wifi

Catherine Christabel says:

do you have any problem so far?

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