Samsung Note 10 Plus vs iPhone XS Max vs Huawei P30 Pro Camera Test Comparison

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The ULTIMATE Camera comparison – Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus / Samsung Galaxy Note 10 vs iPhone XS Max vs Huawei P30 Pro. The scoring system is as follows:

1. This test is split into many different categories, for example “Ultra-wide video quality” or “low-light zoom photography”

2. Each category is assigned an importance rating out of 10, for example, “daylight photography”, which gets a 10, is far more important for most people than “Zoomed video in Low-light”, which gets a 2

3. Within each category, each phone gets a score out of 10 for how good it is in that category.

4. The number of points a phone gets in each category = Importance of category x Score in that category. For example, if the Huawei P30 Pro scored 5/10 in a category that’s 5/10 in importance, then The P30 Pro’s score for this category would be 5 x 5 = 25 points.

The categories (and their importance) are as follows:

Standard wide angle video quality – 7
Ultra-wide video – 3
Zoom video – 4
Live focus video – 2
Audio Zoom – 1
4K Stabilisation – 5
1080p Stabilisation – 5
Slow Motion – 4
Daytime photos – 10
Ultra-wide photos – 5
Zoom photos – 5
Macro photos – 3
Portrait mode – 5
Low-light video – 5
Low-light ultra-wide video – 2
Low-light zoom video – 3
Low-light video stabilisation- 3
Low-light photos – 7
Low-light ultra-wide photos- 3
Low-light zoom photos – 3
Flash quality / brightness – 3
Low-light selfies – 4
Daytime selfies -6
Front camera video – 5
Audio quality – 7

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ugeh innocent says:

I hate when you make it look like samsung is copying iphone iphone is far behind simple samsung is better next to hawei

ugeh innocent says:

Pls shutup ipone fanboy

Alan KH says:

Proud P30 Pro owner

Lelouch Lamperouge says:

Are you guuys serius?
P30 pro better than iphone and samsung

Carlos R says:

Excelling video and comparison. I’m listening using airpods and the audio on the Mate P30 9:00 was pretty bad in comparison.

Martin Schmidt says:

Three cameras on a tripod and still different images?

zena rynaldy says:

I think these scoring system is not needed, especially about how you decides this feature is less important than that feature, basically here your'e just generalizing them. I think for me the only thing that are objective in the camera department is how sharp of a picture this camera can take and how much detail can it provide, as for color accuracy it really differ from person to person, watch dave lee's review on p30 pro, he said that the p30 pro camera gives a tinge of pink hue to the picture, but he stated that he likes it, despite it's accuracy. So yeah, i think this scoring system is unecessary, let your viewers decides which one they think it's the best for them, after all the potential buyer is them, not you. No need to influence them with your personal preference.

peterpeterpeter101 says:

the oppo reno x10 zoom



Romulo Haack says:

I understand and agree with Note10 being the best, BUT… dude you have used some super odd scores for it especially when comparing zoom pictures from Huawei Vs. Note. P30 was a in a totally different level than Note 10 – and ofc, eclipsing iPhone.

Political Gaming says:

you should do a review on the Samsung J series

shadman ahmed says:

It seems u sponsored by Samsung

Talha Shah says:

And im watching this on s10+

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