Samsung MV800 Digital Camera Full Review

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Samsung MV800 Digital Camera Full Review … a look at the compact camera with the flip out screen for self portraits or video recording.

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Zayd L says:

well i dont have a good storage it can take only 1minute

Rik Levesque says:

This review is fairly old, but if anyone still has the camera it might be useful to know that the review of pictures can be accelerated by simply tilting the camera and waiting a second or two. Rotate the camera to about 45 degrees left or right and the pictures start to "fall" in the direction of the tilt. (left rotation to go back to the first picture, right to go to the last picture taken)

Peter Vil says:

Where can i buy this ?

Kayla Black says:

What a good camera for vlogging and cheap

Jenny Alimoren says:

i want this i hope cheaper here in the Philippines. I badly needed one for vlogs …❤❤

Kate Brinfour says:

I have this camera and I want to start doing YouTube. Watching this video makes me want to really start. I thought that only people with good quality cameras would get views. But other YouTubers say think about content over quality. So if you have a horrible quality camera but have awesome content, you can still do well in YouTube.

Okay Alfie says:

Is this still a good camera? Because I might get it and I don't want it to be rubbish 😬

MavPlayz [OLD!!!!!] says:

How long of a video can it shoot like 20 min or what…

MavPlayz [OLD!!!!!] says:


ohsicasy says:

Useful review! Thank you! 😀

James Soutar says:

How much for?

CaptianSkinder says:

nice video i finally found a vlog or shot camera thank you

courtneyannTV says:

Does this autofocus?

heartlessflower says:

I have this one ._.

ThePhotosam says:

Full review ?
Where is the 3D ?!…. and so on…

Billy Bowles says:

Billy F Bowles
i have a kodak easyshare camer and and kodak on my computter that came with the camer i had it now for over 5 or 7 years all my camers have been kodak well sunday i went in to look at my pictures and could not get them to come up after ann hour of trying i called kodak help line after about 45 mins on the phone with them still no pictures to look at the girl on the phone told me i could buy a plan that would help me get my pictures 3 plans to pick from plan 1 cost 119.00 plan 2 cost 199.00 plan 3 cost 299.00 and all the FREE help i need to get to my pictures TAKEING FROM A KODAK CAMER AT THAT SOME BULLS= = = FROM KODAK PASS THIS ON PLSSSSSSS

Dalziel Conceicao says:

hey dave!!! is this camera really good, i mean what are its cons ??

EveBeLame says:

What camera would you suggest for vlogs ?

Nick Koon says:

How's the mic and the audio?

Lucia Morais says:

esta camara nao tem temporizador?

Uday Bidduth says:

Hello there, have you heard about "photo SFX art" (just google it)? There you can watch a useful free video demonstrating the right way to take incredible pictures. It helped Joe to make photographs which leave you with that wow-effect whenever you take a look at them. It may work for you too…

Catriona Louise says:

hey 🙂 quick question, can the camera record videos while the screen is up?

Gaby León says:

Hey Dave! I just bought this camera because I watched your video, but I wanted to know at how many fps should I record so that the video can look normal, it seems to be kinda slow and not normal it stops :/ I would really appreciate if you could answer my question! 🙂

Yukari Aisha says:

Hahahah I don't know why i found this video amusing LOL but the review is great! 🙂

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