Samsung M30s Camera Review – DON'T BUY it for the cameras

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Akhil Kumar says:

Go glazed screen. Amazing screen guards. 👍🏽

Cy says:

This or Note 8 / Note 8 Pro?

Saba R says:

In camera which one best z1 pro or m30s

Suzan Chapagain says:

You figured it out perfectly..! That's a quality of #RevAtlas 😍😍

Priyanka Bharti says:

M30s not for camera
M30s not phore performance
Fast charging also takes 3hrs to charge. Then would u buy this only for 6000mah battery.

Meban Diengdoh says:

Awesome review man 👌💪

soulreaper 7281 says:

use some winter care ,your lips 🔥

Varun Kedia says:

note 8, note 8 pro, xt, samsung phones,poco as well..use all these mid range segment phones to choose a winner of best camera phone in 2019..(8k to 15k)

Mukesh Kumar says:

1 lacs subscribers => SOON

Abhineet Singh says:

Loved,liked and shared
Always a RevFan
A channel where only Honest review and suggestion are made

Vishal Giri says:

great on battery life not for cameras, thanks for the honest review!!

RIYAZ Uddeen says:

Nice review @revatlas
Yes. Camera is not upto mark

But..its have best others features
Like big battery , good display , 15 W type C etc etc

Chiranjibdas22226 says:

Your English is super big bro…. 🙏 And so your reviews

Gautam Chatterjee says:

You are doing great work

Abheet Jain says:

plz post the full review of the ip11 pro max

Crafoord Gaming says:

Don't compare Samsung with the loosers like Redmi and Realme

Akkai Sabu says:

Bro can you find a gcam port for realme xt

Yash Kambli says:

Why does samsung not provided manual mode and RAW support in midrange phones

Raghavendra Nayak says:

Nice video Sandeep. Can you tell is it worth buying Samsung note 9 for 42k ?

rajas lad says:

I bought it for the display… On the first sale for 11600….I wanted a realme XT but couldn't do jugaad for that axis and icici cards 😂… Well I have advised people not to buy the Samsung phones before this one… And here I am with one of my own…
It's been 2 months am using it…


Cameras… average (but I needed mostly the wide stable videos so ok..

Little bit of lag still persists… Being Samsung

POOR BUILD… Creaking sounds

And unexpectedly annoying ADVERTISEMENTs I get every time at the screen unlocking…I didn't knew this until I bought one so there's that… But they are still ain't as annoying as MIUI(but atleast we can disable the ads there…. Can't do it here)
First time experiencing the Samsung phone …. Not so dissatisfied as I expected.

Hope to get your views as the phones launches… Getting the review units faster.

Call of Duti Ezaz PRO Chauhan says:

Good Samsung Galaxy m30s Good brand ( Good bro )

aam aadmi Nitin says:

i have M30S , camera focusing n details n sharpness not good

aam aadmi Nitin says:

i have M30S , camera focusing n details n sharpness not good

tamil whatsapp status videos daily nk says:

bro make big camera comparison video 2019… many phones…

tamil whatsapp status videos daily nk says:

awesome bro…awesome video bro…🤩🤩🤩🤩🔥🔥🔥

tamil whatsapp status videos daily nk says:

super review
camera not good
battery super

tamil whatsapp status videos daily nk says:

screen protecter !!

Satish Chandra says:

Sony sensor camera >>>>>>>>>> Any Samsung camera sensor

Harsh Sinha says:

Watching on M30s

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